Is the 'Yellowstone' train station based on a real place? (2023)

Is the 'Yellowstone' train station based on a real place? (1)

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when fans thinkyellow stone, a few things probably come to mind: funny ranch workers, the romance between Rip and Beth, beautiful scenery, a power struggle between the Duttons and their enemies, and train tickets.

OK, that last one might not be something you'd think about if you were a casual fan.yellow stone, or if you thought Western drama, but in Taylor Sheridan's universe, it makes a lot of sense. Yellowstone Dutton Ranch is not far from the train station, but not from any depot. The Yellowstone train station is unique. offers travelers a unique trip!

So how do you get a ticket toyellow stonetrain station? Who chauffeurs you on the long drive and why the hell doesn't everyone want to go for a ride? We'll see.

What's going on at the Yellowstone train station?

Almost like a real train station.HeThe train station takes people on a journey away from the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. The thing about this particular train station is that its passengers are on a very specific type of journey, a one-way journey, and not to greener pastures.

The train station is where those who burned the Duttons or failed the ranch on their final journey are taken. That doesn't mean they get a one-way ticket if they can't train an animal or get drunk shortly after work. No, the fee for this trip is much higher.

To take the Yellowstone train, you must burn all the bridges to return to a place of trust and respect. Those who took this train ride committed the ultimate sin, dealt a life changing coup and messed with the wrong people.

The train station itself is not fancy. There are no busy people with suitcases on wheels and tickets in hand. The station is a small stretch of road next to a cliff that leads to, well, an early death. Suppose you are suddenly taken from the ranch in the middle of the night. In this case, you most likely already know what's coming, but if you survive the journey to the station, you still have the inevitable question: where are we going?

The answer is always the same: at the train station, and from there the conversation does not usually last long.

Why does Rip take people to the train station?

Rip Wheeler, John Dutton's right-hand man, isn't the only one who drives people to the train station, but when it's time to leave, he's always willing to be the driver. So why would Rip be someone who escorts passengers to the train station?

Well, as mentioned above, it's Dutton's favourite. He knows what Dutton needs before he asks, and some things are almost too painful to say out loud. The advantage of a family member becoming a ranch hand like Wheeler is that Dutton doesn't have to ask at the most painful moments, when even talking is too difficult. a simple nod or look lets you know what needs to be done.

Of course, Dutton isn't a glutton for pain and punishment, and the train station isn't the first stop for someone who wronged them. Dutton isn't soft, but he's not a man to make rash decisions. When Wheeler, Lloyd, and even Kayce walk someone to the train station, chances are they have blood on their hands and need to leave.

Wheeler also wears the brand, which means he belongs to the trusted inner circle, like Lloyd and Kayce. Once you gain that level of trust and respect, you know what a train station is and what it's like to take someone there. It's not a journey everyone is ready for, but those who have to ride this train know why they have been chosen.

Where is the train station?

Lloyd describes the train station to Walker as "a county with no people, no sheriff, and no jury of 12." If you managed to get a ticket to the train station, your companions will know what kind of person you are, and your rating will not be better than this trip. That is, if there could be a jury.

The train station is a short stretch of road overlooking a sheer cliff, leading to a painful drop that seals the fate of whoever takes the journey. The sign leading to the train station is a welcome to Wyoming sign, and it makes perfect sense. Why does the Welcome to Wyoming sign mean something special, and where exactly is this stretch of road located?

The train station has only been seen at night, and one TikTok user thinks they've found the location, and while we're not sure, many fans agree. TikTok user taphobay shares a video of what he believes to be a train station.

The fact that Wyoming is an important key to the train station has something to do with something surprising that is connected to what Lloyd told Walker. The "death zone" exists because of some kind of vacuum, and that seems to be what inspired the train station.

Wokexplains the loophole in the US Constitution in this video and delves into "The Dead Zone" inpieceThis gives readers a what-if situation that could probably happen if someone was brave enough to try it.

The point is, no one—he never admitted it—turned himself in for a murder committed in that particular area of ​​Yellowstone and expected to be tried before a jury that couldn't exist.

So while the Kill Zone looks like a real lawless area, it's not exactly a "train station" that people expect to pass through. If you're going to cross the Duttons, know that they have enough grit, tenacity, and support to help you, whether it's at the train station or on their ranch.

It's a smart choice for someone considering moving on to the Dutton family to count their blessings and live to see another day, but that would make pretty boring TV, wouldn't it?

With the character going to the train station during the season four finale, viewers know the depot is still accepting passengers, and we're sure someone will get a one-way ticket to season 5.

You can watch the first four seasons.yellow stoneon Peacock now and the wait for season 5 is over. The first episode is scheduled to premiere on Paramount on November 13. Here are the Duttons and they never go to the train station. We preferred to take a scenic drive with Rip Wheeler, where we both headed back to the ranch.


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