How to remove background noise from a video on iPhone (2023)

How to remove background noise from a video on iPhone (1)

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How to remove background noise from a video on iPhone (2)

Background noise while recording is a common problem that everyone has to deal with at some point. iPhones don't have the best microphones, so most people who want to record valuable stuff turn to an external microphone. take a look at ourThe best microphone for iPhonelist for better understanding. We've reviewed 6 of the most popular microphones on the market.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes audio that seriously, especially non-professionals. However, I can guarantee that if youRecord a podcast on iPhoneor just recording a video in a noisy place, you will be faced with unwanted background noise from wind, background music, white noise, electrical hum or ceiling fan.

iPhones offer high-quality video with low-quality audio

One way to avoid these noises is to film or record in a professional studio. But usually people who have access to professional studios don't shoot or shoot with an iPhone. iPhone cameras are great and rival even professional cameras, but their audio quality is often very poor.

Many users who use their phones for filming find it annoying to have high-quality videos only to hear random noises and background noise. Therefore, many of them naturally wonder how to get rid of them as cleanly as possible.

Everyone knows that a well-rendered video on an iPhone will have disappointing audio due to unwanted background noise. What they don't know is that you can remove unwanted background noise from videos without new equipment or complex video editing software.

If you have a video on your iPhone that is unusable due to noise or you just want to reduce noise in your future iPhone recordings, this article is for you.

How to remove background noise from videos on iPhone

How to remove background noise from a video on iPhone (3)

There are many ways to remove background noise from videos on an iPhone, but they can be described in two ways:

  1. Use built-in iPhone rules
  2. Install a third-party app.

How to reduce background noise in the iMovie app

If you captured your footage using the iMovie app, the process is just as easy. The iMovie app has some built-in audio filters, including a noise removal tool.

Here's how to use iMovie's noise reduction tool:

  1. GonnaeffectsiMovie application tab and selectaudio filter.
  2. click on itnoise reductionand drag the slider to the right to reduce background noise.
  3. There's also an equalizer which, if you know what you're doing, can reduce some of the noise.

Try recording more than one video clip and editing them together

Alternatively, you can try listening to your audio track with headphones (preferably noise canceling headphones), as these can help block out some of the noise. One particularly useful method is to record your video and audio differently and then stitch them together during editing.

adjust the volume

How to remove background noise from a video on iPhone (4)

You can also try lowering the volume. Things often sound worse when played at full volume. Also, if you turn up the video volume too much, white noise may occur.

Eliminate noise and echo

of your videos and podcasts

Try plugins for FREE

How to Remove Noise Using iPhone Apps (7 Apps)

The native methods of removing background noise are useful to a point, but if you want to further reduce noise to a reasonable level, you'll need to get a third-party app.

Fortunately, there are plenty of third-party apps out there. Many come bundled as everyday audio editing tools, but some are just specialized noise reduction apps. All these apps can be found on the App Store, so all you have to do is download and install them, edit the audio track or video clip, and then upload them to your gallery or directly to your desired platform.

We will cover some of these applications, after which you can get rid of all the annoying noise in your work.

  • film professional

    How to remove background noise from a video on iPhone (5)

    film professionalis one of the most popular third-party noise canceling apps. Filmic Pro is a mobile application designed to bring you as close as possible to professional cinema. Filmic is a versatile video editing app with a clean interface and plenty of editing features any video producer would love. However, the focus here is on the audio output.

    With Filmic you can decide which microphone on your iPhone you want to use and how you want to use it. You can adjust the settings to use an external microphone. The app also offers several features that we were interested in, including automatic gain adjustment and smooth speech processing. Automatic gain control lets you avoid things like clipping and distortion that can cause unwanted noise, while the voice processing feature emphasizes important parts of the audio track and pushes noise into the background.

    Filmic Pro is more popular for its other images, but the more powerful ones require an in-app purchase. However, the sound editing features do not. So you can be sure you're getting the help you need with your audio.

  • InVideo (Filmador)

    How to remove background noise from a video on iPhone (6)

    InVideo(also known as Filmr) is a fast and easy-to-use video editing app that lets you remove noise and edit videos on your iPhone or iPad. It has a simple interface that makes it easy to edit your movie for free. You can trim, adjust the speed of the video, and most importantly, have full control over the audio.

    It is primarily a versatile application, but it can serve as video noise reduction software due to its special audio capabilities. You can adjust the noise reduction settings to enhance your work with this video editor without worrying too much about quality loss. You can also save it directly to your camera roll or post your video online without the annoying watermark.

  • bynoise

    How to remove background noise from a video on iPhone (7)

    bynoisethis is exactly what it looks like. It is a smart noise reduction tool that cleans up video audio and highlights essential parts for clarity.

    ByeNoise noise reduction works on sources like wind and electrical hum. It is very easy to use and does not require any prior knowledge of audio or signal processing. Anyone can use your default settings. ByeNoise uses artificial intelligence algorithms to detect background noise in audio files, which is then filtered and processed using its noise reduction, resulting in cleaner sound.

    All you have to do is upload your footage and select the amount of cleaning you want. ByeNoise supports most video file formats, so you don't have to worry about incompatibility.

  • noise canceler

    How to remove background noise from a video on iPhone (8)

    To the nomenclature ofThis applicationIt's a little on the nose, but it does exactly what it says on the tin. Reduces background noise from audio recordings and saves them in user-friendly formats for ease of use. This app is specific to audio files and allows you to import audio directly from your cloud or music library. Even with default settings, it includes some of the best deep learning networks for reducing background noise in audio files.

    In addition to the main noise reduction function, it also has a personal sound recorder. If you're trying to record a podcast or create an audio book or maybe just music, or just trying to remove background noise in a recording, Noise Reducer is perfect for you.

  • aufonic edition

    How to remove background noise from a video on iPhone (9)

    Auphonic Edit allows you to record sound independent of iOS pre-processing and save your sound in PCM or AAC format, where it will be updated periodically to prevent data loss in case of interruption.

    aufonic editionis a specialized audio application that works seamlessly with Aufonic's integrated web service. Here you can edit and publish your audio files, including podcasts, songs, interviews, and anything else you can think of. Aufonic also allows you to record in stereo/mono, 16-bit/24-bit, and with many variable sample rates.

    This app gives you full control over your sound, allowing you to monitor and control your input however you like. Particularly important is the background noise reduction feature, which can be applied before or after recording and can remove background noise from videos.

  • Lexis audio editor

    How to remove background noise from a video on iPhone (10)

    ComLexis audio editoryou can create new audio recordings, edit existing ones to your specifications, and save them in your preferred format. It has its own recorder and player that allows you to cut and paste parts of your audio for editing. You can use it to insert sequences of silence into your audio file, which can simulate a background noise suppression effect. It also has special effects to normalize and reduce background noise.

  • Filmora

    How to remove background noise from a video on iPhone (11)

    Filmorais a lightweight video editing software from Wondershare with 4K editing support and a wide range of editing effects that increase with each update. It's a great choice for both beginners and veteran video editors, as Filmora offers plenty of tutorials and has a shorter learning curve than other advanced software.

    The app is available for a monthly or yearly subscription. However, there is a free version, but it leaves a visible watermark that can be unsightly when you post your video online.

    Filmora is a lightweight application, so you may experience lag if you put a lot of load on it and try to edit multiple video tracks at the same time. Filmora doesn't support multiple cameras or anything special, but it can remove noise from video footage and from its competitors' apps.


How to remove background noise from a video on iPhone (12)

Wind noise, thumping noise, unwanted background music, and other sources of background noise must be addressed if you want to record at a significant level. The challenge is greatest when you're recording on a device with a weak microphone, like an iPhone.

The best way to combat background noise before putting your video online is to avoid it in the first place by properly preparing your recording space. However, most of this is out of our control and most of the time we are stuck trying to reduce the noise that is already present in our video file. The guide above outlines some easy ways and some useful apps to help you do this.


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