Final Beginner Guidelines for DiscGolf: Instructions, Photos and Tips! (2023)

It's very easy to play discgolf, but there are some things that I can say that you will make your first way out and of course will appear. This is my best beginner leader and everything that is important on the cover.absolutely have to start when it is new on the Golfalbum.

Here is a general description of the guideline.

How to play disk golf

Let's finally start with the basics ... This is finally a guide for beginners, so let's take the simple things off the way.What is the golf of the album and how do you play?

From the perspective of a beginner,You can think about Discgolf as a game that was created by combining the traditional ball golf and the start of specialized frisbees. It is the record game game!

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Many of the same terms and rules apply to traditional golf and album. For example, the score is told in the same way where a publication corresponds to a blow.End), and the goal is, or more than shooting the torque. They are counted than -1.

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The goal of the game is to play an album from the tea block to the basket and continue turning until you make your album on the basket. After he had released his album in the basket, he completed the hole.Go to the following hole. You will continue until you play all the holes in the field that are normally 18 holes, as well as the traditional golf ball. If you play as part of a group, the person with the smallest result wins the score.

What types of discs are?

There are different types of clubs in traditional ball golf and use these clubs for various purposes. For exampleare used on the street. Then you have your plate for a wide range of long shots and finally for the club.

The golf of the album is very similar to the Gulf of the ball in this regard. A large selection of photos on average length.

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You will find that the different types of discs are very different. During the putter tends deeper and faster with a very thick edge.

This also applies to the average rating and the road drivers, with road drivers in the distance and the middle range similar to the driver in the middle of the drivers.

What is a golf chord on the hard drive?

One of the most common questions the beginner has is: What are the album golf -discs done?

Disk golf panes are made of plastic and each manufacturer has its own plastic mixtures, which he uses for his records. The way the album looks, feels, flies and the best is what it is.

As an example, the DISC manufacturer of Innova sells an album called destroyer.

There are many different types of plastics for every manufacturer and each has positive and negative in terms of price, durability, sensation and flight characteristics.

You can even find that the same album flies differently when it consists of a different plastic, and many experienced players have found that the star plastic destroyer seems to fly better.

It is more likely that you will develop your favorites in the different types of plastics while playing. As a beginner, I recommend publishing the cheapest plastic types for every album where you want to try it out.Want to waste money in a very durable plastic for an album that can end without enjoying it.

What weight of the Album Golf Record should I publish?

Disk golf panes are available in different weights, usually between 140 and 180 grams.The lighter discs fly over their hardestThe colleagues, however, also seem to have more easier to influence from the wind, but heavier plates can fly a little slower and a little less distant, but tend to be more stable, especially in the wind in the head.

For beginners I recommend going with a medium album. In the range of 155 to 165 grams.

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If you buy a line -line hard drive, you can choose a weight area. Perdens you will find the weight of the slices on the bottom of the disc. The weight is printed or written on the bottom of the hard drive in many cases.

What are the classifications of the hard drive?

One of the first things for the hard disk rating is that there are most discs in front of most discs and it is common to ask what the numbers mean. This is the flight classifications of the CD.The Discs do things a little different, butIn most cases there are four numbers and they are okay:

  • First number = speed
  • Second number = slide
  • Third number = turn
  • Fourth number = disappears
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The speed of the hard drive is a very misunderstood number. The most beginners (even for a long time) think that the higher the speed classification, the faster (and the more) they fly.

Unfortunately, this is wrong. The speed classification really refers to the amount of speed that can support the disc and still maintain its stability. For example, if you have a very fast arm and have taken a CD that cannot handle so much speedThe album lose its stability and fly in a way that should not fly.

Ideally you want to start aCD with a speed assessment that coincides with her armIn this way, the album always flies as it wants to fly, which means that it has a much more predictable flight route.

The question then is: How high is the speed of my arm? There is no solid rock form to know the speed of your arm, but I found that this is a very good general rule:

If you play an album and the album immediately disappears (on the ground in the opposite direction in the layer), it will probably throw an album that is too fast and need Down discs (switch to a lower album with a lower album).. If you play another album, but this time the album Gira (towards the layer), it probably plays an album that is very slow on the arm and owes a CD (throw a plate at a greater speed).

If you play the CD, ideally you should remain the right level and disappear or turn and then disappear (with the exception of extremely higher and confused records).


The second number on the album is the sliding classification of the album. The classification of the shift is explained itself.NumberThe more the album stays high, while a sliding classification means that the album tends to fall faster.

Great sliders are pleasant because they tend to fly even more, even if there is less strength behind it, although sliding albums can also be a little less stable so that they can fly more easily.

To bend

The disc assessment of the disc describes the disc resistance against high -speed rotation. A disc with a high turnaround evaluation will resist the bank to the curve. A low or negative classification means that the discs are more towards the curvePut your head, this is a real curve.

This curve usually occurs in the first flight phase and always follows from fading. Senken the curve classification, more aggressive, will be the turn. If you combine a low curve with a greater fading, you get an album that bends in a way.Then return to a slim S.


The fading classification describes the last flight phase and refers to the tendency of the panes, bent or cheated at the end of the flight or not to be a curve. For the right handler who start themselves, this is a left curve.

If you are looking for an album that flies very uncomplicated, look for an album with a very low classification.With a highly injured classification.

What is the stability of the album?

The last two flight classifications (turn and fade) are taken into accountDetermine the stability of the discsIn general, all discs are divided into 3 stability categories: discreet, stable and exaggerated.

Disabled person

Under stable slices, they tend to have a very low or negative curve classification, which means that they almost always turn at higher speeds or if the right hand turns on the head.


Stall discs fly very straight at the end of the flight route, without or none at all. A really stable album will fly directly without disappearing.


Overwhelming dials tend to have high fading classifications and are always deceived on the left. Overloaded windows are usually very large under wind conditions, while fighting against the impulse of the spider.

Knowing a record stability is excellent for us, since we generally know how an album will fly and understand the flight classifications of the panels. The most committed discs fly in the same way.For example, when I take an album for operations, no matter what happens, I know that it will fly like most other surviving albums.

Obviously there are overstimial degrees.

How to keep the album (or recorded)

Before we enter the publication Mechanik ourselves, we will check how the album should be kept.

There are many different straps or ways to keep the album in the golf of the album, and most are specifically for the type of publication that they want to reach. There are 3 main pockets for the rear and certain recordings.Adhesion manualAnd after you went out for beginners, I definitely think that you should see you! But at the moment we are concentrating on these three:


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I recommend using the opposite energy if you start a distance or a road driver. This is a very solid grip that enables you to get the album very early.

Place the disc with the edge in the surface meat with the thumb on the pane and the fingers are blasted around the lower edge to use the pane.Albums are placed. Stick the album, but not too tight, keep your wrist straight and publish them while playing.

Reverse fan gap

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The fan belt should be used for approximation and location photos, since their recordings give a certain level of sensitivity and accuracy.

Hold the pane in your dominant hand with your fingers on the bottom of the disc in your dominant hand. One of the index fingers should rest at the outside edge of the disc in order to receive additional support, which also offers more control.

Stacked rights press

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Stacking the handle is a solid right handle, good for strength and accuracy. With this handle you can feel safe to put more energy into your release without losing a lot of control where the disc fliesWell balanced handle, which makes it excellent for learning beginners to pull the rights.

Keep the pane with the thumb on the upper flight plate and the index finger and the middle finger on the underside of the flight plate and rest on the inner lip of the disc, ring your finger and the middle finger on the outer lip to get support.

There are much more claws!

If you are ready to go beyond the level for beginners,Go to my handbookWhere you can find a lot more information about all types of handles and how to use them!

How to play the album

In the next section I will teach the techniques that are connected to playing their own album. The best way to learn how to publish a disc golf is to learn the basics and then go out and practice.

Therefore, this is the purpose of this part of the guide.Videos of the following form to ensure that it develops a good way.

Two main start styles

At Disc Golf there are two main methods to publish their album. Receance and right (also referred to as a side weapon). The relief. The right is similar to throwing a baseball ball, except that the disc is thrown next to your body.

The beginner can find that a style is easier to learn than the other. He does not have to learn to be published in both directions. My recommendation for all beginners is to try and see both methods.It is that one of these two album publication styles for beginners are perfectly acceptable, so we will both approach each other.

The head release downwards

Playing on your head is the most common way to publish an album Golf album. This release style almost always disappears when you are a right player and usually generate more energy with a setback before a right recording, this means that that means thatA reverse publication has the potential to go beyond a certain photo.

To show you the start, I will break the mechanics in two sections: the bottom of the body and the upper body.

Mechanics of the soil of the opposite body

When you see that the professional album golfers are played, you will see that most of them have the same standing game that they play. This feet are called step X and is usually accepted as the best way to configure X, best to align the body to generate and maintain the greatest performance when it comes to starting and prosecution. This means Power + precision.

We show the step X.Hier how it works:

Start step X on the back of the t -shirt before the goal. I started with a step with my left foot when I turn slightly.

Then comes a step on the right foot as you turn a little more.

The third step is where the name "x step" comes from. Cross your left foot to the right.

The last step is your "foot of the system" or your "orthopedic device""The foot of the plant turns in the heel, the hips rotate and then the body turns. Everything happens in a chain that generates a lot of kinetic energy and moves everything into the starting arm, which leads to solid speed and distance!

Body mechanics

First of all, remember that it is important how we keep the album, it takes place one of the previously power supply when you start a driver.

During the first steps of step X you only want to hold the album with the high elbow and take reach.

Important:It is important that you keep the disc on a straight line and do not bow behind your body. If the album follows a curved path during the release, it largely reduces performance and accuracy.Errors from beginners.

If you realize that you round round, I have a great guide on how you can correct it here:How to repair the curve

You want your album to return with the top of your body to almost stand in front of you. For a second break, you will lose your view of your goal if you return to your upper body. This is okay and you will get used to it.

When your floor touches the ground, turn your hips and pull the album towards the basket. Mantantanga the album very close to your chest and think of pulling a straight line.Advanced. Next arm comes all over your body when you turn and stop.

The shoot

The right version is the most common type of release in the discgolf and is mainly used when you have to create the CD curve in the opposite direction of your setback. For example, if you are a right player, for example, your album almost always bends to the leftThis can be problematic if the hole is correctly in the curves, then you would use your right shot.

Obviously, the right publication is not only used as a useful publication to bend the album in a certain way.

Remember the claw that I showed? I recommend tightening up stacking if I thrashes correctly. Take a look at the photo to make sure you keep the album correctly.

Mechanic at the bottom of the right body

If you get a real blow, I would like to start a little lower in my posture. If you are right -I will start to set the goal together with my feet, keep it in a balanced position, your weight on your weightHips are centered.

Start changing your weight and go out with your right foot. This point should turn your body to the right. Then come your left foot when you visited your left body.(Shoulder to the right, if he is left), has to look forward to the goal.Then come a little jump out of his left foot when the right foot reaches the earth where the left foot was placed.

The last step is that your left foot falls hard and finally turns your hips and intersections. This last step is a very long step and do not forget to keep your posture in carrying out the movements too little.

Right air body -top -mechanics

When the publication begins, first cover your arm, almost as if you had thrown a baseball ball. The doll should return with the pane that almost touches the back of the forearm. The album remains in this position until the final goes through. Enter the last stage and walk through the hips Open your pair of chest and turn the top of your body, using your starting arm.

Grip your elbow as close as possible to your body with the elbow and keep your body as close as possible. Make the disc level on the floor as you pull the pane..

It is important to keep your thumb along the sky in the skygo onSo that the palm does not go down and the album turns.If you want the album to come out, keep your thumb up!

Your follow -up should end the starting arm that is expanded towards your target and body.

Tips for beginners

We did it! We cover all the nuts and golf golies on the hard drive. I forgive that they have come so far in my guide because I can now share some tips with them.


Seeing a fly album is a nice and fascinating thing. They want to publish more and more to see bombs.

Do not do that. You don't have a arm speed yet, which means that you will be released much shorter with a high -speed disc because you don't put enough energy on it.

About the game.

Start with only three albums

When you read this guide, you know that there are many different types of data records, but you probably have no idea what records you should start with discs in the range of 15 to 25 US dollars.It can be very expensive to buy many random data records!

Therefore I recommend starting with only three albums. They only need three albums to start playing CD. Putter and work in your short game.

There are some very good reasons to start with only three albums, a great idea.

  • One that has been mentioned above is the cost. The bank will not break the fulfillment of three albums, which is really good!
  • The second is that you enable you to deliver the album. If you repeatedly play the same album, you can make small corrections in your shape and know that you have a positive or negative impact on the album.

Which three albums should I start?

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Driver: sacred through latitude 64

So what three albums do I recommend? For drivers, I love the Saint with latitude 64. This is technically a street driver, but it is also perfect for beginners to exclude the t -shirt. It is a great album with a lot of gliding tooVery stable, so you shouldn't cut hard on the left or right.deport.

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Average branch: buzzz from discreet

As far as the medium groove album is concerned, I would go with the buzz of craft. This album applies to one of the best albums of disc golf and for good reason.My bag and I love this album.

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Putter: judge for dynamic records

For your club I recommend the judge of dynamic records. All putter can do both. It is a solid club and I definitely recommend it.

Other initial options

If one of them doesn't look like your tasteFeel free to approachMy preferred recording page for other recommendations.

There are also many start -up packages for new players. This is the sets of pre -damaged albums that have been made for beginners. There are really good and have some high -quality albums that will take a long time. I prepared a list of my favorite household packages some time agoWhat you can find hereIn fact, it is a really excellent guide and I really recommend examining yourself on this page.

Do I need a bag?

A related topic is whether you need a bag or not. On the Golfalbum you will find that most players wear a bag or a bagAutoIt is an excellent option if you want to use more than three albums with you in the course. An additional advantage is that most pockets and cars have many bags and compartments for other useful objects such as water, food, wind, additional socks, etc.. have.

But you need onewithWell, no, you don't need one, but it's good to have something during the game to use your albums and equipment:5 main bags classified.O, if you are another cart car, the Zuka car is incredible and you canFind here at Amazon.

Don't be frustrated

Here is the part in which I say their future. They will give some really terrible photos. I even lose one or two albums ... (I recommend that they stay away from a water until they are a little more comfortablefeel.

There is also a very good way to play with a group, and many of the most experienced players will probably be much better than them.

It is very easy to compare with these other players, but remember that you are new and if you don't play as well as other players, do not frustrate, you have a lot of time to learn and to have fun with your friends, enjoy the game and develop your shape. If you do these three things before you can see, you will be published with the best!

More excellent advice for beginners!

I have manyMore good advice for beginners hereAnd if you are interested, you are really worth the additional minutes in which you have to read them.

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This is all! We treat everything you need to start playing discgolf. We talked about how to play the game. We treat everything you need to know about the albums and talk about how the right pathThe attempt is made to share some useful tips to get started.

On this website you will find a lot of information that will help you on the journey of the album. Don't forget to navigate more information to improve your game.


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