FFXIV Mining Guide - Digging for Gems and Minerals in FFXIV (2023)

Mining Guide for Final Fantasy XIV

welcome toFFXIV Mining Guide🇧🇷 Miner is one of the Disciples of Land classes in Final Fantasy XIV. Mining works much like Botany. The mechanics behind these two classes are identical. The differences can only be seen in the nodes, the materials received, and the tools used. At the same timefishingdiffers markedly from both. Miners use picks/dollars and sledgehammers to mine mineral deposits and rock outcroppings.

FFXIV Mining Guide - Digging for Gems and Minerals in FFXIV (1)

As a miner, you can collect different types of minerals and raw materials. Miners can collect components forgunsmith,herrero,goldsmith, zAlchemist.

For a more general overview of how to collect FFXIV, check out ourcollection guide, if you already have some knowledge and you are determined to create a miner, keep reading this text because here you will find some useful tips. Let's talk about the best ways to level up a miner, as well as some of his skills and mechanics.

The basic stats you use when mining are Rally Points, Perception, and Gathering. The first one is definitely the most important in the early levels, as it increases the chances of a successful attempt. The second is responsible for collecting high-quality items - assessing perception will be important at higher levels. Rally Points are the resources you spend on using skills. Upgrade your gear regularly to get more out of it.

FFXIV Mining Guide - Digging for Gems and Minerals in FFXIV (2)

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class missions

Each class in Final Fantasy XIV has its own series of quests and the miner is no exception. All of these quests require you to deliver certain items. The truth is, the guildmaster doesn't care if you collect them yourself or buy them from someone else.

However, it is usually better to collect these materials because they will give you extra experience. Also, spending gil to level your miner is a bit counter-intuitive. After all, people play these classes to make money, not lose it. Here is the miner class task list:

norequired levelmission nameRequired Items
11my first peak10x Copper Mineral
25know your country50x bone fragments
310the vanguard99x Obsidiana
4quincego to the bottom10x HQ Zinnober
520Old wisdom, new ways99x Grade 1 Charred Materia
625Steinwasser15x HQ Sprudelwasser
730Obsidian-Rasse15x Obsidian Wyvern HQ
835amethysts are forever20x HQ-Spirit-Amethyst
940Die20x HQ-Jade
1045Sorrows Throat20x HQ-Electroerz
1150cannon of regrets3x Schwarzstahlerz
1253I sell visor10x cuartel general Mitriterz
1355same vein10x HQ-Titanerz
1458go deeper10x HQ-Hartsilbererz
quince60the truth of the holeAdamantiterz 3x HQ
sixteen63thick skinBettler HQ Mithril Erz 3x
17Sixty-fivePedale ua Metal5x HQ Federeisenerz
1868Where does the money take you?8 Serpent Headquarters
1970a successful miner5x Pummelitas

We recommend collecting the necessary items before the quests become available to you and that's how this guide is written (it's impossible after level 63, but you can do it up to this point). We think that building these objectives is good both to gain experience and to get used to playing as a miner and using the abilities of this class.

The other sources of experience will be Levequests and the Gathering Log, they should help you get to level 50 quickly. At this point, you should check out Beast Tribe Quests and collectible scripts for some really nice quick wins.

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Leveling up a crafting class at the same time allows you to gather materials to use later. This is extremely important as leveling a few crafting and gathering classes at the same time is great for increasing efficiency and saving time. If you don't like some of the gathering level quests or are running low on level perks, you can also simply gather the materials for your crafter. This gives you a slightly slower mining experience, but it is the fastest way to level up different classes. It's also good for your in-game wallet, as level quests are a great source of experience, but you can't do that to Gil.

To unlock the miners class you must first reach level 10 in your combat class and go to the miners guild in Ul'dah. The first mission is just to talk to the guild receptionist who will direct you to the guildmaster Adalberta.

Mining can be tedious. Get what you need with you as soon as possibleFFX IV Gil.

The main skills in the miner class are almost identical to those of the botanist. Prospect and Auto Prospect allow you to find the correct node. Sharp Vision is the equivalent of Field Mastery. Increases the chance of successfully collecting an item. It has three levels and the higher ones increase the ratio more significantly, but the cost of collecting points is higher.

If possible, you should try to keep the success rate between 90 and 100%. Exceeding is a loss of rally points, and keeping it too low will result in more failed attempts. At level 15, you unlock Unearth, which can increase your chances of getting high-value items.

Good vision– Increases gathering success rate by 5% per 50 GP

sharp vision II- 10% additional success rate per 100 GP

sharp vision III– 50% extra for 250 GP, it is a very powerful boost with the highest GP cost

To dig- 10% additional chance to get a HQ item for 75 GP

Level 1-5

Once you get the miner class, you need to focus on collecting all the items required for level 1 and 5 quests. Both copper ore and bone fragments can be found in Central Thamalan. Once you get them, you should be level 5 easily, but if not, just do something from your gathering log or mine, whatever you want. At lower levels, it's also good to remember the Grand Company turns, as they can offer decent rewards.

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Take this opportunity!

Level 5-10

For the next class mission you need 99 obsidian pieces. They can be found in Hammerlea in western Thanalan. If after collecting you need more experience to reach level 10, you can perform some tasks in the collection log. At this point, you might as well start looking for level quests. The ones worth considering at this level are: Do They Ore, Don't They, and Vanishing Point.

Always remember two things when creating levels. First: You can enforce our permissions if you don't manage them well. Second, turning in high-quality items gives you a significant amount of experience bonuses at no subsidy cost.

Level 10-15

For the level 15 quest you need to collect high quality materials. In fact, it might be a good idea to wait until level 15 before you start collecting. At level 15 you gain access to Dig, a skill that increases your chances of obtaining materials from HQ. This can make missions faster and less frustrating. You can mine the Cinnabar HQ at Horizon's Edge in Western Thanalan.

To unlock Unearth as quickly as possible, you need to create levels. We recommend three of them at this level: That's Why They Call It Fool's Gold, Break It All, and We Do It The Hard Way.

Level 15-20

The next class quest requires 99 units of 1st level Charred Matter.botanicalIn this level you have to collect exactly the same. To get it, go to Three-Malm Bend in Middle La Noscea. The best level quests in this level are A Man's Gotta Dream and The Doom That Came to Belah'dia.

Level 20-25

In this stage, you will once again collect high-value items, which means you use Unearth. HQ Fizzy Water can be found on the Higher Paths in the South Shroud. There is one level that is clearly better than the others and it is called See how they shine for you.

level 25-30

Next, you need to travel to Wellwick Wood in East Thanalan and collect 15 pieces of HQ Wyvern Obsidian. The best level mission in this level is Fool Me Twice. Remember, if you manage to collect some materials needed for crafting in any level, skip the levels and just do it.

Level 30-35

For the level 35 quest you need to get 20x high quality raw amethyst. It can be mined in Sorrel Haven in the Central Shroud. The recommended level in this level is I Kidd You Not.

Level 35-40

Now it's time to go to Dragonhead in the Coerthas Central Highlands and mine 20 pieces of high-quality jade. Also, leveling missions are still the fastest way to gain experience. The best ones at this level are Mythril Madness and Rocks for Brains. At level 35, you unlock Unearth II, which increases the chance of collecting high-quality items by 30%.

Level 40-45

In this case, the items needed for the class quest are 20x high-quality electron ore. It can be collected at Bronze Lake in Upper La Noscea. The most efficient level quests currently are Nature is a Monster and We Won't Lose Our Minds This Time.

Level 45-50

You cannot preemptively collect the Dark Steel ore required for the level 50 job quest. It can be found at Haldrath's March in the Coerthas Central Highlands, but you must be level 50 to collect it. To get it, you can keep doing level quests. The best at this quest level are Metal Has No Master and Hybrid Hypotheses.

(Video) Final Fantasy XIV - Best Non Retainer ways of Farming Crystals

Level 50-53

After completing all of Adalberta's class quests in the Miners Guild in Ul'dah, you will be directed to Ishgard. Here you will get new class quests. Another important thing to do in Ishgard is a search for inscrutable flavors. This is how you unlock collectible scripts. There are red and yellow collectible coupons that can offer different rewards. If level quests are getting boring, we have good news for you. Post 50 scripts are a better option for leveling up.

FFXIV Mining Guide - Digging for Gems and Minerals in FFXIV (3)

The script system allows you to get rewards for collecting and delivering collectibles. For this you need to use the 50 level skill –

FFXIV Mining Guide - Digging for Gems and Minerals in FFXIV (4)

collector's glove🇧🇷 You will definitely use it on virgin nodes, some other skills are mentioned that are very useful in harvestingBergsteigerberufmidiscerning eye🇧🇷 They are very important to collect collectibles.

Pristine nodes are a special type of node that spawns every 12 hours and lasts for only two hours in Eorcean time. That's around 35 minutes between spawns and just under 6 minutes in length. The best way to track it is through a dedicated website with multiples created specifically for this purpose.

Scripting is the most efficient way to gain experience after level 50, and the material rewards are great too. In general, you should only prioritize class quests over scripts.

The level 53 quest requires 10x HQ Mythrite Ore, they can be mined at Gorgagne Holding in the western highlands of Coerthas. You can still level up, but they are much less efficient in terms of experience. The best ones at this level are Taken for Granite and The Merits of Upcycling. Starting at level 50 you will receive your class quests and new level quests more often.

Level 53-55

For the next class quests, collect 10 pieces of high-quality Titanium Ore in the Chocobo Forest in the Dravanian Forelands Lands. Also, she continues to write. The best level 52 quest is Permission for Destruction of Religious Property. At level 54, good options are From Creepers to Squatters and Talk About Boundaries.

Level 55-58

The items to collect for the next class mission are 10 pieces of high quality hard silver ore. They can be mined in the Manufacturing District in the Dravanian Hinterlands. The best level 56 quest is Mortarin'. Level 57 also grants access to an interesting ability calledunique spirit.

Level 58-60

The level 60 class quest requires triple the amount of high-quality Adamantite ore. Mining at lower levels requires good equipment, but it's definitely possible, so head over to the Azys Lla Beta Quadrant and do it if you can. The recommended level quests for this level are Dragonproofing and Sticking It Out.

Level 60-63

At this point in the game, you unlock another good source of experience for earning classes. It is a series of magazines called Namazu Beast Tribe Quests. Accessing them requires you to complete a series of side quests, but once you're done, you can easily earn solid experience gains at no risk or cost. You can and should still use the scripting system and sometimes complete level quests. The best ones at this level are Cermet Breaker and Ax to Grind. Of course, collecting collectibles is still a good option.

The level 60 quest is the last one you can preemptively complete, as later quests will require the quest to be active to collect the items.

(Video) FFXIV: Crafting Leveling 1-90 CHEAP & QUICKLY - Endwalker 6.0

Level 63-65

The first thing you have to do when you reach level 63 is the class quest. To do this, you need to mine three pieces of mithril ore from Beggar in the Striped Hills in The Fringes. Also, keep an eye out for collectible scripts, Namazu's journals, and levels. Currently the best level quest is Ready Ore Not.

Level 65-68

For the next class quest, you need 5 high-quality Spring Iron Ore. You can mine it in the Ruby Sea. The best level quests in this level are No Stone Unturned and Simply Marble Us.

Level 68-70

The level 68 quest requires 8 high-quality streamers in The Gensui Chain in Yanxia. The best level 66 Levequest is called Dunes of Our Lives and 68 is Mine All Mine and The Ores Have It. For the level 70 quest, you need to get 5x Pummelite from The Slow Wash in Rustrock.


As you can see, Square Enix takes the non-combat classes in FF14 very seriously. The game has eleven of them, and each one has its own unique class quest line, as well as Beast Tribe levels and quests.

As a miner, you can make Gil richer at the end of the game. If you like to play Disciples of War, you can also collect a lot of materials that you need to craft your equipment. Overall, the miner is a good choice for an early non-combat class, especially if you're leveling up alongside a crafting class that can use the ores and minerals. It's also a nice standalone collectible class that can sell some nice gil rugs on the market.

What do you think of FFXIV Mineiro? Share your opinion and join the discussion!

FFXIV Mining Guide - Digging for Gems and Minerals in FFXIV (5)

final fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a Japanese MMORPG from Square Enix in which players can complete multiple quests, clear dungeons, and much more in the magical kingdom of Eorzea. On the journey from one wonderful zone to another, players can enjoy a variety of locations and NPCs. The game regularly receives a major update. First expansion: Heavensward released in 2015, then Stormblood in 2017, and nowshadow bringerIt's coming in July 2019, which could mean even more players are coming back to the game.

The game attracted a friendly and loyal community of players, making it one of the best MMORPGs around. Eorzea is full of many people who like the beautifully designed world and the interesting end game with a lot of horizontal progression and item collecting. Of course, there's a ton of other stuff like dungeons, raids, and a ton of different content. There's a lot to do once you've reached the end of the game!

Along with various combat classes andworks, there are also 11 gathering craft professions. The three earth disciples that can gather resources are the miner, the botanist, and the fisherman. At the same time, there are 8 Disciples of the Hand who can take these ingredients and craft various items of a certain type.

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