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Printkeg prints full-color, full-bleed custom postcards using thick glossy, matte, or embossed cardstock. We offer cheap and discount postcard prices by constantly comparing with other trusted online printing companies so you don't have to. 4x6 is by far the most popular size for postcard printing because it's inexpensive, hand-sized, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive to ship.

We focus on short trips, butlarge numbers of 4x6 postcardsare also available including 2500, 5000, 7500 and 10,000 which are arguably more affordable.

4x6 postcard printing options with us

  • Three functions, archival and opaque cardstock
  • Our designers examine all artwork for quality.
  • We solve small problems automatically
  • All 4x6 postcards are printed in color and full bleed
  • Cheap and discount postcards for small and large series
  • Custom sizes like 4x4 and 4x5 are welcome.

three unusual cards

  • Glossy Card (Deck #110): Our popular satin gloss cardstock provides a light shine and vibrant colors.
  • Matte Cardstock (Cover #100): A luxury choice and a favorite of artists, our Matte Collection is a sleek, uncoated alternative to gloss.
  • Textured Matte (100# Covers): This unique option allows artists to choose a texture that adds authenticity to their fine art reproductions.

Fulfillment details (business days)

Delivery time is the time between the order date and the shipping date. There are two fulfillment options for printing 4x6 postcards. The first business day does not start until the next business day.

For same-day printing, select the 1 Business Day Fulfillment and Rush Fulfillment ($25) option under Rush/Project Options.

Consider requesting a digital receipt for your 4x6 postcards

We will provide you with a PDF sample upon request; select the $5 digital receipt option. This PDF can help you view and scan color changes, crop areas, or grammatical errors before printing.

If you choose not to have a digital PDF receipt, we may request a new file or email you a PDF receipt of our concern if we find any issues. Otherwise, your artwork will go straight into production. We inspect and inspect all artwork prior to printing to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Digital essays will change the total processing time by adding an additional day (not counting approval time). Runtime begins after the design is approved.

These graphics specifications for printing 4x6 postcards will improve quality.

If the specs below sound like Klingon, don't let that put you off ordering 4x6 postcards. Our friendly team reviews all graphics to ensure your cards print crisply. If we are unable to resolve the identified issues, one of our team members will contact us.

  • Create a 4.25 x 6.25 inch graphic file. Keep important content at least 0.25 inches from all four edges. The pixel count of the file must be at least 1275 x 1875.
  • Make sure you are working in a 300 dpi environment when creating a new project. Many graphics applications default to 72 dpi (Adobe Photoshop) and 132 dpi (Procreate). Increasing the quality setting to 300 dpi or higher before starting the job is critical to print quality.
  • We prefer PDF or JPG file formats. However, our company accepts other file types such as PNG and TIF.
  • Try designing your artwork in CMYK color mode. We convert files to CMYK before printing 4.25" x 6.25" flyers and postcards. Many artists unconsciously work in RGB, the color mode for digital media. Conversion may result in soft or unwanted color changes.

Visualize your 4x6 card with this template

To help you make 4" x 6" postcards, we offer the following PDF template where you can place your artwork. Please note that the file is 4.25" x 6.25". This template can provide a useful illustration of what the final cards would look like and can be accessed using software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Download the 4x6 postcard template

More information about postcards

4x6 postcards are a popular and classic marketing technique. They are light, cheap, easy to faint, and inexpensive to mail. Many people often refer to these rectangular patterns as flounces (also club flounces). Postcards have been with us since the mid-18th century. Discount cards and 4x6 brochures are used by small businesses, large corporations and individual artists for a variety of reasons, making this type of printing one of the most versatile print materials in the world.

(Video) How to Print Postcards at Home

4x6 Postcard Reviews by Artists

"You were wonderful. Some of the best quality postcards I've seen for such low prices. Maybe offer larger sizes, but stay in the super cheap market. I'm telling every artist I know about your site."
- R. Brewer

"The cheap postcards I ordered look great. I'm very happy with the order."
— S. Johnson

"Prints arrived quickly, great quality, and an unbeatable price. Thank you! Print Keg has never let me down."

Send 4x6 postcards safely

We will calculate the shipping costs during the checkout process. If you choose a flat rate, we will use USPS for lighter vehicle deliveries and UPS for bulk postcard orders. You can also choose between different shipping methods. Cards are wrapped in stacks and bubble wrapped in a sturdy shipping box for safe shipping (99% of the time).

Make more than postcards with 4x6s

Other sizes are compatible with 4x6 postcards.

4x6 postcards continue to be among the most popular brochure sizes. If you plan to use the same graphic for other sizes, here is a compatibility list: 6x9, 8x12, 11x17, and 24x36. Protect the quality of your final prints with a 24x36 working space at 300 dpi. This way you will be able to use a file for printing if you stick to the scale mentioned above.

Distribute 4x6 magnets or stickers

Custom magnets are available in our promotional materials section. Magnet sizes include 3.5x2, 4x3, 4x6, and 5x7. The next time you order postcards, consider adding magnets to your marketing arsenal. 4x6 is also a fun backdrop for vinyl stickers and decals.

Frequently Asked Questions about 4x6 Postcard Printing

How do I resize a graphic to 4x6?

If you can't access a program like Adobe Photoshop, you can try a web service like If you upload artwork that isn't already 4x6, our in-house artists will automatically resize and crop your image as needed. We will email you options and suggestions if we encounter obstacles or adverse effects from these changes.

Is 4x6 the standard size?

4x6 is considered "full frame" for digital photography, 35mm, or fine art prints. The next largest size is 5x7, which has a different aspect ratio. 4x6 postcards are one of the most popular print formats in the world. If your artwork doesn't work as a 4x6 card, we'll suggest alternatives.

Can you help me set up a traditional 4x6 postcard with a standard back?

Bright! If you request a 4x6 double sided card, please send us your picture or photo and we can add the postcard back. Just let us know in the instructions area. We also recommend choosing a digital PDF document.

Will you send me a preview of my 4x6 postcard before printing it?

Yes - Select "Digital ID". Once you've placed your order, we'll send you a PDF receipt showing what your personalized card will look like when printed. This step provides an additional layer to catch errors such as color issues, typos, and clipping issues.

Can I order textured postcards?

The "Textured Card" archival paper option is available for many custom postcard products.

We offer more options for 4x6 postcards.

Our customer service team can provide you with a quick quote if you are looking for additional media and services for printing your 4x6 postcards.

  • 18 point C1S card
  • UV or matte coated 16 point card
  • UV coating on the front only
  • Rounded edges
  • suede cardboard
  • UV spot
  • pearl metal card
  • Bulk orders (up to 100,000 cards

Pro Tips for Printing 4x6 Postcards

Printing Tip #1: Prepare to Resize Your Card

Many marketers prefer 4x6 postcards/flyers because they are usually inexpensive and easy to frame. If your artwork doesn't fit the 4x6 aspect ratio because it's more square, we suggest you change it to 4x5 or 5x7. This slight adjustment ensures that physical prints adequately represent your digital artwork.

Printing Tip #2: Consider an Outline

Our team can alert you if your signature or important text is too close to the edge of your artwork. If we can't save it at the production farm stage, adding borders is an easy way to preserve these elements. To avoid delays, you can proactively let us know if we can add borders (free service) to the instruction area.

Printing Tip #3: CMYK Rules

The most common color problem is muted RGB colors when converted to CMYK. To view possible changes, request a digital receipt in PDF format. The PDF samples we send are not 100% accurate, but they do show large color shifts. Try working in CMYK color mode using programs like Procreate or Photoshop.

Printing Tip #4: Let us know when

We'd like to know if you need 4x6 postcards by a certain date, even if that date is a few weeks away. Most postcards ship in two to three days, but shipping times or unforeseen delays must be considered. A customer service representative will note the schedule and inform the rest of our staff.

See detailed description

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Three selections of old cards.

  • flash card

    Glossy cardstock postcards offer rich colors and a satin shine that goes with just about anything.

    (Video) Printing Digital 4X6 Postcard
  • matte card

    The matte postcard is a soft, uncoated white that is warm and glossy. All the colors are a little more subtle, on purpose.

  • textured card

    This felt-textured card features watercolor paper to capture the authenticity of tangible art and the imperfections that make each print unique.

service descriptions

  • digital receipt

    A Printkeg artist will prepare your artwork for printing and email you a PDF visualization. This is usually done within a few business hours. The image we will email you shows the location of the crop and the CMYK colors to some extent.

  • do the paperwork

    This $9 option tells our staff to move forward with quick fixes and remove any roadblocks. Benefits can include display of file dimensions, resolution of border issues, and re-rendering of difficult "bleed" areas. We have one goal: to provide exceptional art prints.

  • edit my project

    This option is cheap if you hire us to modify the image file. Our designers edit or place elements in your file such as text, images, etc. The most common use of this service is to change event dates, remove captions, and replace photos.

  • make my art

    We hired a trusted graphic designer with whom we have worked closely to help you create a new project from scratch. Most of the communication is through email. Most projects are ready in a few business days.

    (Video) 4 x 6 Postcard Printing
  • hurry to return

    Rush Turnaround speeds up order fulfillment time by one day. This can mean same day printing. You need your prints urgently, so we will try to make it happen. Sometimes we expedite shipping if we can't deliver same day printing.

  • free art reviews

    The artist checks each file before printing it. If we notice any issues, a Printkeg representative will contact you via email with options on how to proceed.

Why should you print with us?

  • guaranteed happiness

    Our main goal is to make sure you are happy with your prints,The Printing Barrel Promise. This is our guarantee and commitment to serve artists across the country. You don't help anyone if you buy art that you can't actually sell. We are here to ensure your success.

  • Dedicated to artists

    In our "the AYou can see some amazing photos of the latest Fine Art Prints we've been working on. We have adjusted our entire atmosphere, including employees and production facilities, to cater primarily to retail artists.

  • Fast production times

    We provide some of the fastest turnaround times for fine art prints in the printing industry. You'll be impressed with our fast turnaround times, quick response options, and fast shipping methods available.


How much does postcard printing cost? ›

For example, ordering 100 6” x 9” postcards would result in around $0.90-$1.00 per postcard. If you were to order 1000 postcards of the same size the cost per postcard would drop to around $0.20-$0.30 per postcard.

How to mail postcards for cheap? ›

How to Save Postage when Mailing Lots of Postcards
  1. Here are your options:
  2. Regular First Class: (Easiest and fastest) Postage rate: 48¢. ...
  3. First Class Presort: (Just as fast but cheaper) Postage rate: 35.2¢ - 39.4¢. ...
  4. Marketing Mail (bulk mail): (Cheapest but slower) Postage rate (Commercial): 27.5¢ - 36.6¢.

How do I print my own photo postcards? ›

How to make a postcard with a word processor
  1. Create a document that is 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall. This is the size of an average postcard. ...
  2. Add clip art, photos and text. Use your word processing software's Insert option. ...
  3. Print the postcard onto your card stock. ...
  4. Cut the printed card stock. ...
  5. Use your postcard.
Apr 17, 2023

What is the best paper to print postcards on? ›

14 and 16 pt Cardstock

Historically, postcards are generally printed on a standard 16 pt “ultra thick” semi-gloss paper stock because of the luxurious feel, quality, and durability. Since this is the thickest paper type, it will last the longest.

How much does it cost to mail a 4x6 postcard? ›

What is a Postcard? A postcard is a rectangular mailer sent without an envelope. Sending a postcard is an extremely affordable way to communicate when you're using the U.S Postal Service—regular postcards cost only $0.48 to mail!

Can I print my own postcard stamps? ›

Print Postage from Your Computer

With just a few clicks, you can set shipping preferences and print postage labels from your home or office.

What is the cheapest size postcard to mail? ›

But to qualify for mailing at the First-Class Mail postcard price, it must be: Rectangular. At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick.

How much does the post office charge to mail a postcard? ›

A standard postcard stamp costs $0.48. (Large or square postcards will cost more.) Put the postcard stamp in the space provided near the delivery address.

Can I make my own postcards to mail? ›

You can choose from thousands of available images or upload your own photographs and images on a glossy postcard. You can send a personal message to each recipient while easily mailing to your entire address list. The price includes custom personalization, printing, and mailing services.

Does Walgreens have postcards? ›

Create and send beautiful, custom postcards—on our very best cardstock—while staying cozy at home. Just select your design options, type in recipient address, pay online, and we mail it for you with a Walgreens logo stamp!

Is 4x6 a standard postcard size? ›

The standard Postcard size is 4” x 6”. It's the most cost-effective size, as it allows you to qualify for mailing at the First-Class Mail price. Perfect for budget-friendly campaigns.

Can you print postcards on a printer? ›

From the [File] menu, select [Print]. Check that the desired printer is selected in [Printer:]. Select [Envelope] or [Postcard] from [Paper Size:].

Can you turn any paper into a postcard? ›

Use sturdy paper.

To make sure your postcard won't get destroyed in the mail, choose a sturdy type of paper, like cardstock. The postcard you make should be about the same thickness as a regular postcard. If you're afraid the paper you have is too flimsy, you can glue more than one piece together to make it sturdier.

What are the requirements for postcard print? ›

USPS Postcard Size

To qualify as a postcard, a mail piece must be rectangular and meet these dimensions: At least 3-1/2” high X 5” long X 0.007” thick. No more than 4-1/4” high X 6” long X 0.016” thick. Have finished corners that do not exceed a radius of 0.125”

Does the post office sell pre stamped postcards? ›

United States Postal Service (USPS)

The USPS sells postcards and postage stamps online as well as in-store. Some postcards are pre-stamped, so postage is included in the price. And although availability varies from place to place, the USPS will likely have a great range to select from so buying postcards comes easy.

Is it cheaper to mail a letter or postcard? ›

In general, the bigger your mailpiece, the more it will cost to mail. In First-Class Mail, postcards cost less than letters. Letter size mail costs less than flat-size mail. Parcels pay the highest price due to the cost of processing and delivery.

Can a 4x6 photo be sent as a postcard? ›

There is nothing against sending your own 4×6 prints through the mail as a postcard.. as long as you use a stamp. They won't be as sturdy as if you used backing but they arrive just fine.

Is it cheaper to print your own stamps? ›

No, it actually costs less. At we don't mark-up the postage you print. In fact, with our negotiated USPS and UPS discounts, rates are some of the most competitive rates available anywhere. Plus you can mail and ship as much as you want.

Can I make postcards using my own photos? ›

How do I print a photo postcard? To print a photo postcard, you simply need to print your photo, making sure it's the correct dimensions to be sent in the mail. You don't need to add a photo to a standard postcard; you can simply send the photo as a postcard in the mail.

Why are postcards cheaper? ›

The cost of mailing postcards is regulated in just about every country. This is because the postal operator has a monopoly for carrying items under a certain weight in exchange for delivering anywhere on its territory for the same (regulated) price - this is called universal service.

What size postcard is most effective? ›

6” x 9” Postcards: 6” x 9” size postcard is most effective for direct mail due to its larger size and affordable price. Whether you want to promote a sale, send a message or invitation to your audience, or introduce your brand, a 6” x 9” postcard is the perfect pick.

How do I bulk mail postcards? ›

In order to send direct-mail postcards in bulk, you must have a mailing permit. A mailing permit, commonly known as indicia, replaces an actual stamp and acts as a postage payment. The mailing permit is represented by an imprint of a square box on the upper right-hand corner of your postcards.

Are stamps for postcards cheaper? ›

Domestic postcard shipping

If you want to mail a postcard within the United States, buying a postcard stamp for 40 cents is cheaper than a Domestic Forever Stamp, which costs 58 cents.

How many postcard stamps do you need to mail a letter? ›

If your letter is a standard-sized envelope and weighs 3.5 ounces or less, you will need one stamp. Large envelopes. This includes 9x12, legal, and manila envelopes, Two stamps are needed for the first ounce, and postage will be an additional $0.20 cents after. International mail.

Does it cost the same to send a postcard as a letter? ›

Other postage rate increases include: Letters (1 ounce): 63 cents, up from 60 cents. Letters (metered, 1 ounce): 60 cents, up from 57 cents. Domestic postcards: 48 cents, up from 44 cents.

Do postcards need address lines? ›

Most postcards will have three lines in place for you to write the address in. Address the person you're sending your card to on the left hand side of the postcard.

Are postcards free to mail? ›

Postcards do not need special stamps, rather they use the same standard stamps as most U.S. mail does. For a standard postcard, a single stamp more than covers the cost of mailing. For larger postcards, however, a second stamp is needed. Further, extra-large postcards, mailed as Flats, require the third stamp.

How do I create a postcard for USPS? ›

Personalize stamped stationery or postcards with your return address in a designed font—it's easy.
  1. Select an envelope or postcard.
  2. Pick a stamp image.
  3. Choose a font for your return address.
  4. Have your personalized envelopes shipped directly to your door.

Is Google postcard free? ›

Yes, Google Business Profile postcards are free, as Google pays for the postcard and the mailing of it.

How can I get a free postcard online? ›

How to make your own postcard online
  1. Choose a format. Select the format from the library or type in “Postcard” to see all the card templates.
  2. Choose a template. Browse templates and pick a design you like.
  3. Customizing. Customize the card by adjusting colors, fonts, and other elements. ...
  4. Download, share, or print.

Does Google have a postcard template? ›

Use the already thought-out design to congratulate loved ones, invite them to your place, or for any other purpose. You can enter the text of the postcard using Google Docs. In addition, you can print the template and make notes by hand!

Does UPS send postcards? ›

Targeted Direct Mail

The UPS Store locations have a variety of options including postcards and folded flyers, to help you deliver your message effectively. Every Door Direct Mail® and Every Door Direct Mail - Retail® are products and services provided by the United States Postal Service ("USPS®").

Do postcards still sell? ›

Although the practice of sending postcards has gone down, people still purchase them as souvenirs or as a way to connect with loved ones while abroad. Postcard collecting is still very popular, and some old postcards are incredibly valuable depending on the subject, condition, age, and rarity.

Where do we buy stamps and postcards? ›

Answer: at any gift shop you will get the envelope and for stamp, you can visit the post office.

What does postcard size photo 4 6 mean? ›

The equivalent of a 4x6 cm passport picture is a 40x60 mm photo (i.e. photo with a width of 4 cm and height of 6 cm). 4x6 photo in inches is equal to 1,57 x 2,36”.

Can you mail a postcard printed on cardstock? ›

Postcards must be of uniform thickness and made of unfolded and uncreased paper or card stock of approximately the same quality and weight of stamped cards.

Can I print my own cards on Shutterfly? ›

Upload Your Own Designs

Easily get your design printed on our high-quality paper with a variety of trims, sizes and print types available.

How do I print an address on a postcard? ›

The address side of the card must be divided into a right portion and a left portion, with or without a vertical rule. The left portion is the message area. The destination address, postage, and any United States Postal Service marking or endorsement must appear in the right portion.

Can you mail cardboard as a postcard? ›

Postcards must be made of cardboard or paper that meets the material and color specifications in 241.4 and 241.5.

Can anyone make a postcard? ›

Making your own postcard can be as simple or complex as you choose to make it. You can start with plain, store-bought cardstock and print a lovely picture on the front and leave things at that. Alternatively, you can get a little adventurous and experiment with glitter, string, decoupage, and paint.

Do postcards need a bleed? ›

Bleed: Your background color, design or images should extend to fill the 1/8" bleed area, which will be trimmed when cutting your cards down to their final size. This is required to print your design without any white strips showing on the edge.

How much for 1,000 postcards? ›

Mailing 1000 postcard campaign should cost somewhere between $500 and $2,000. The pricing will depend on the postcard size, postage class and mailing list specifications.

How much does it cost to print 5000 postcards? ›

1000$ 43.71
2500$ 65.78
5000$ 97.18
10000$ 199.06
4 more rows

Is it cheaper to mail a postcard than a letter? ›

Different postage prices apply to postcards, letters, large envelopes (flats), and parcels. In general, the bigger your mailpiece, the more it will cost to mail. In First-Class Mail, postcards cost less than letters.

Can you make money selling postcards? ›

And don't be afraid to increase your prices if your designs are especially unique. People will pay good money for a postcard they can't get from anywhere else. Because of this, postcards should sell especially well on marketplaces that thrive on rarity like Etsy and eBay.

Does Vistaprint do EDDM? ›

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Looking to send flat cards to everyone along a mail route? We can do that. Just provide us with your artwork and your desired mailing area, and we will: Print your flat card (e.g., postcard)

Is there a bulk rate for postcards? ›

Get Your Postcard Bulk Rate To Pay for Itself!

$0.335 – $0.359. Your US mail postcard rate for addressing and presorting is only $0.07 per piece in addition to the postcard shipping cost. That saves you BIG in USPS postcard cost over mailing yourself!

Can you make your own postcard? ›

Making your own postcard can be as simple or complex as you choose to make it. You can start with plain, store-bought cardstock and print a lovely picture on the front and leave things at that. Alternatively, you can get a little adventurous and experiment with glitter, string, decoupage, and paint.

Can you send anything as a postcard? ›

To qualify as a postcard, a mail piece must be rectangular and meet these dimensions: At least 3-1/2” high X 5” long X 0.007” thick. No more than 4-1/4” high X 6” long X 0.016” thick. Have finished corners that do not exceed a radius of 0.125”

When did it cost 3 cents to mail a postcard? ›

The additional charge increased to two cents on January 7, 2001, to three cents on May 12, 2008, and to four cents on January 27, 2013. In 1994, in addition to regular stamped cards, the Postal Service began selling higher-cost stamped cards with collectible artwork, called premium stamped cards.

What happens to postcards without enough postage? ›

a. Returned to the sender with the reason for nondelivery “Returned for Additional Postage” if First-Class Mail with a return address. The sender may affix the additional postage, cross out the reason for nondelivery, and remail the piece.


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