Baby Fell Out Of Bed: 10 Warning Signs Of Injury What To Do (2023)

If your baby has fallen from the bed, it is very important to know how to assess possible injuries and what to do. We explain these issues and talk about precautions.

It can seem like we are the worst parents ever when something bad happens to our babies. If your baby sits out of bed, know that most of the time he is fine. But of course, especially if your baby falls and hits his head on a wooden floor, there is a risk of serious injury.

Baby Fell Out Of Bed: 10 Warning Signs Of Injury What To Do (1)This article started asask for helpa worried mother after her baby fell out of bed. After the answer here andStep by step all the warning signs that something is wrong and how to act, the comments began to pour in.

Many parents have been through this situation and most feel bad and worried. Therefore, this post is no longer just advice on what to do when your baby has become one.supportive communitywith many comments from parents in similar situations. If you want to share too, scroll to the bottom of the post.

Here is the original help request:

My baby fell out of bed, please help!

My baby fell on her head off the bed while I was in the bathroom today. Do I have to take care of something? For example, are there specific red flags you should be looking for?

I am very worried that my baby is hurt in some way.

advice please

Warning signs and what to do if a baby falls and hits his head

Babies are very prone to falls, especially when they move a lot in bed. They often fall out of bed when we turn our attention to other things. But it is not always a cause for concern for parents when our babies hit their heads when falling.

Most of the time they are fine. They might cry because they were afraid of falling or someone suddenly screamed as they fell. Sometimes they feel nothing and just crawl or roll over. But sometimes they end up with things like a concussion, skull fracture, brain damage, or broken blood vessels.

First, let's identify the red flags that we as parents need to watch out for when this happens:

  1. A bump, dent, or any deformity found on the head after a fall
  2. A wound that bleeds continuously
  3. Vomiting more than once after falling (3 vomiting episodes in 1 hour)
  4. Unusually sleepy or inactive
  5. hard to wake up
  6. Loss of consciousness shortly after the fall.
  7. Bleeding from the ears or nose
  8. seizures
  9. irregular breathing
  10. More irritable than usual and crying incessantly

If any of these warning signs are present or manifestwithin 12-24 hours after dropping, Call toambulanceit's yoursDoctorat the moment.

These symptoms indicate a neurological disorder, possibly caused by a neck injury, skull fracture, or brain injury. Managing these symptoms is extremely important.

How to behave after your baby falls

Depending on the situation and the severity of the fall, your baby may suffer more or less serious injuries. If there is a risk of serious injury, do not move your child more than necessary to avoid further injury and call emergency services immediately.

If your baby vomits, gently turn him on his side.

The bleeding must be stopped or at least controlled until help arrives.

If your baby doesn't seem seriously hurt, the best thing to do is comfort him. In this case, you can examine them after a while when they are calmer.

Over the next 24 hours, you should watch for the warning signs (above) of concussion and other injuries.

Call your doctor and ask for advice, such as whether to nap or wake your baby at regular intervals over the next 24 hours. Many babies are a little more sleepy than usual after a fall.

This video shows different scenarios, injuries and how to behave as a parent when your baby has fallen ill. You should see!

What to do if your baby has had a bad fall - First Aid Training - St John Ambulance

Prevention to avoid future falls

Next, let's talk about prevention. The only thing that comes to mind when we have babies at home is howsafe baby. Of course, this is not only necessary to prevent falls, but to avoid all kinds of serious accidents such as electrocution, broken bones or other injuries.

Many things can help us with fall prevention:

  1. Railings on all sides of the bed
  2. Installation of doors in stairwells and other rooms that are higher or elevated than the adjoining room
  3. Keep your furniture low, especially the ones you put your babies on, like the bed and sofa.
  4. It is also safe to change your baby's diaper on the floor if he moves around a lot.
  5. Look for any tripping hazards on the floor (such as cables or rugs) and remove them
  6. If you have carpets on the floor or on the baby's path, it is better to buy non-slip mats or mats.
  7. Always make sure the floor is not wet to prevent babies from slipping.
  8. Don't let your baby sleep or play alone in a raised area like your bed or sofa.

These are just some of the preventative measures you can take at home. But the best thing is to keep an eye on babies because accidents always happen.


Accidents happen. It's scary and painful and the best thing we can do is work on prevention as much as we can. However, many babies eventually fall. While babies can usually take a hard blow to the head and nothing happens, head injuries are NOT worth the risk.If in doubt, call your doctor or go to the emergency room.

I really hope your baby is okay.


PDHere you areof the excellent works of consultationin case of health problems and injuries to the baby:

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My baby fell, but without a pediatrician
from: cats

My 6 month old fell out of bed, he is about 3.5 feet tall. I asked my mom if we could go to the pediatrician today. My mother said that there is no doctor today because today is a holiday. The doctors available today are only in the emergency room. My baby has vomited twice and is sleepy. I am so worried. That I have to do???

My 7 month old fell out of bed and hit his head on the bookcase.
by: MommaYoga

I don't know how it moved so quickly from the center of the bed to the edge, but it started to move and I knew sooner or later it would happen. Luckily the bed is only two feet off the ground, maybe less since it's a futon platform bed. The bad part was that he landed on his butt but hit his head on the edge of the bookcase as he staggered. It has a little red bump on it and I totally freaked out. But he only cried for less than a minute. So I gave him some ice chips to calm him down and I taught him how to calm down with the ice chips and he was fine and was back to normal two minutes after the fall. I wouldn't take him to the ER unless he behaved unusually. Emergency rooms are extremely dangerous and mostly a waste of time and money.

My 6 month old fell out of bed again.
por: Reens

My 6 month old fell out of bed twice... but it doesn't mean anything to him anymore... but I'm worried about his health...

Should I go to the doctor immediately?

Because every time I call the doctor, she says... that happens to all parents.

Please suggest... Which test should I take?

by: AnonymousS

Macky I hope you took your baby to the ER because baby vomiting is not a good sign 🙁 I hope the baby is ok now

My 7 month old fell out of bed last night.
from: Mom of a fluffy cute girl

My daughter Kaylee is 7 months old and she slept last night and I put her on my thigh-high bed and put pillows and blankets around her but away from her face and put some things on her and then the next minute I know I heard a loud bang and a loud scream and when I went to my room I saw her lying on the floor and my baby's head under the bed frame and she was between the wall and trapped in the bed frame. and my husband is a paramedic so he checked her and said everything is ok but she was spitting up all day and she didn't sleep well last night so i called our hospital and talked to them and they said they should be careful there. and make sure it was nothing out of the ordinary. But she seems fine and better, I just think she has a really bad headache right now. So like the other mom said, don't rely on the blankets or pillows because if they start rolling, be careful.

fell out of bed 3 times...
by: anonymous

Ever since my son fell out of bed for the first time I have felt so bad... because I can't take the first fall and it keeps happening. I'm crazy? Possibly. Why would he leave her alone in the 2 foot bed? The funny thing is, we all know the consequences, but we just let it go... I took her to the doctor when she fell, the doctor said she was fine. But I'm worried about his future... doesn't that affect his life card? That's my biggest worry...she's fine now, I'm really I hate myself so much for being a terrible mother...sometimes I wish I'd never been a mother...I hate myself so much.. .

My 15 month old daughter fell out of bed.
by: anonymous

It was so miserable... but reading all the posts on this site helped me get over this trauma a bit.

My 3 month old fell out of bed.
by: anonymous

Last night my baby was fussy so I let him sleep between me and my husband. Well, since pregnancy my arms and legs go numb if I sleep on one side a lot, so when I roll over, I roll over to the other side. Well I heard these "pops" and then loud screams so I jumped out of bed to find my baby lying on her stomach with her hands covering her face. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest, but when

I picked him up, he immediately stopped crying and was well behaved. I checked his arms, legs, and face for signs of broken bones or bruises that didn't seem to bother him, and I checked his eyes to make sure he was still following me. He took a bottle and went back to sleep and was fine when we woke up this morning =) he was cooing and laughing at me when I talked to him. I will continue to monitor him and make sure there is no vomiting or a difference in his behavior, but other than that he seems fine! He definitely scares you to death and makes you feel like a terrible mother, but he happens to a lot of people.

I can't help but feel like the worst mom in the world when my 6 month old fell out of bed.
by: anonymous

Hello. I have a 6 month old daughter. Two nights ago I fell asleep while nursing my daughter. She usually falls asleep with me, but not this time. The next thing I know my baby is screaming like a fucking killer and I look over and notice that she is not lying next to me but on the floor under the crib. Her crib was next to the bed, so I don't know how she got between the bed and the crib. I don't know what hit her. I checked everything and didn't see any swelling, bruising or red spots. I check her every two hours and it breaks my heart to let this happen.

I feel so stupid and like a terrible mother. I don't know what to do, it gets me down and down. How could I fall asleep and not hear my baby wake up and want to get out of bed? I feel like a failure. It looks good, but I'm going to make a doctor's appointment because I can't help but think that something might be wrong. I feel terrible and all I do is cry and keep holding my baby, telling her how sorry I am and I don't know what she would do if something happened to her. Am I a bad mother for not waking up? You shouldn't listen to them. I work nights full time so I can stay at her house during the day. I should have listened to her and I can't forgive myself. I don't know what to do. An advice? All I've ever done is cry and feel like the worst mom in the world!

My 6-month-old baby fell from my bed, it's not the first time to do
by: anonymous

Hello, my baby fell about 3 hours ago today, she has already fallen 3 times with her, I'm not a bad mom, she moves very fast and wants to pick up everything she sees…. He worries me that something bad could happen to him. She seems fine and when she falls off my stomach she cries for a minute...and she goes back to normal. I always feel bad because she hurts me?

6 month old boy fell out of bed
by: anonymous

My 6 month old son once fell off the couch when he was 5 months old while my husband was busy with something else and now he fell off our bed yesterday... about 4 feet! He was surrounded by pillows, but he rolled on them! I can't forgive myself. He cried for a minute and then smiled and cooed and teased. No bumps or bruises, thank goodness! I will never be able to forgive myself! Glad I'm not the only mom this has happened to!

it happened to me
by: Mckenna

Hello people,

I can't express how relieved I am to have found this site! My daughter (now 8 months old) rolled over for the first time a few days ago, I'm still very upset about it, I'm mad at myself because it was all my fault, I know she can roll over, but we did. they both sleep together - thank god she's fine!!! – But that doesn't stop me from feeling like a terrible mom :-(…I will never let that happen again!! she was so embarrassed 🙁 XX

5 Monate Altes Baby
from: my mistake

My daughter lying on the floor and playing. She made her sit up straight and before she could revive her, she slipped and fell. She cried for about 5 minutes. I don't feel well. And worse She plays that no, but I'm still very sad and seeing all these comments makes me feel a little better.

My 7 month old fell out of bed.
by: anonymous

Hello everyone, I am very grateful to have found this page this morning. My son fell on my bed, he slept with me because he was crying in his crib, so I put him on my bed for all of us to fall asleep and the next thing that happened I heard a LOUD BANG, like other moms say, look at the baby, I will take care of my son. Thanks people!

7 months
by: anonymous

I also suffered because the child fell out of bed this morning. I can't keep an eye on him because he's with the babysitters, but I told him what happened and told him to take care of him. I hope it's enough. Should I call them and make sure everything is okay?

7 month old baby fell
por: poongodi

My youngest daughter suddenly fell head over heels out of bed last night. I felt very bad. She cried for two minutes and then she was back to normal. your lips are hurt. She became normal.

by: anonymous

I am very grateful for this feedback page. My daughter who is 5 months old got out of bed this afternoon and landed face down (as far as we know) on the berber rug. She immediately stopped crying, she started smiling, laughing, etc. We checked her eyes with a flashlight and she responded perfectly.

However, being a new mom myself, I was so grateful that my husband's mom was there to tell him what to do. My daughter was very active all afternoon. Then she seemed to notice a slight dent in her head, but I couldn't tell if that was her weak spot, which she hadn't noticed. I was so exhausted that I couldn't help but call the pediatrician again (I called after she fell) to make sure.

Since she wasn't sure if it was new or not (no bruises, scratches, or redness), she suggested taking him to the ER just to be sure. So, in the craziness of it all, while we were in the ER after seeing three nurses who said I was perfectly fine (my husband and I couldn't wait any longer), our nerves were on edge for various reasons. Mostly, the baby was very tired and hadn't had two of his normal naps (we were told not to let him sleep until as late as possible) and he almost made it through that time too. She hadn't eaten all day, she was a mess. So off we went. The reason is that she was laughing, smiling, happy, etc. etc all the time, just tired at the end.

When we left I felt totally guilty and started crying all the way home. She fell asleep on the way home, she woke up when we got home, she interacted with something else: another bottle and fell asleep. I have been holding her hand for two hours and she moves normally and breathes well. I thought she was the worst mom in the world until I read this page. Thanks for write. I'm taking her to the pediatrician on Monday just to wrap things up for good. But she just needed that validation, and no one can give it to you, but she certainly helped a lot.

the worst mother in the world
by: anonymous

I feel like the worst mom around here, I had my 6 month old in his bumbo seat at the counter (about 4-4.5ft). Try to lean back in his seat and his seat won't budge, so I had no problem leaving him on the counter while he was 2 feet away fixing his bowl of cereal. I measured the milk so my eyes wandered for just a few seconds and the next thing I heard was a thump. I see him on the floor with the seat next to him, I run and catch up with him, he cried for what seemed like forever, I felt so bad and kept saying sorry sorry and tried not to. cry with him

Well what seemed like 10-15 minutes now as I look at my friend and I took him to the ER I think 3 doctors saw him and they had to explain what happened. I felt so bad and I cried all over what I can see this thought is that I am a bad mother and they are going to take my beautiful son away from me he is fine. All I have to do is watch his eyes go wide, throw up, and wake him up for a few hours every 48 hours, then go back to the normal routine.

I'm still worried that something is wrong because it's a baby and I can't tell what hurts and what doesn't, but the doctors said it was fine and it was good to bring it.

I still feel bad about the fall and just blame myself for it, I never leave him alone with it again, especially if it's on a raised surface. I still worry about having CPS (Child Protective Services) at my doorstep. But he is safe and has an exam at the grammar school later this week, not because of the fall, but because of the 6 month appointment. I'll let him know what happened so he can take a look. Also, always be on the safe side and take your baby to the ER, I know it's scary and just thinking what they might think of you won't be as bad as not taking your baby.

OMG my 6 month old fell out of bed!
by: anonymous

My God, my God, I am the worst mother that has ever let this happen. I don't feel well! I lay on the bed, fed him and fell asleep. The next thing I know, I'm woken up by a loud bang followed by crying. I jumped and my heart was pounding when I found her on the ground. The good thing is that she is carpeted but we have a wooden floor that sticks out and the bed is flush with the wall where there is a heater. He then fell to the floor between the bed frame and the heater that was attached to the wall. She had put a pillow on the edge of the bed, but she managed to get around it. I can't believe I underestimated your abilities. I quickly picked her up and held her tight against me, still apologizing to her. We checked her for injuries and found a red mark on her forehead, probably from the heater or bed frame. She didn't cry much after the fall and seems to be fine, but I'm very worried. I really hope that she is okay and that nothing is damaged in her. She played a bit with her toys and I fed her again and now she sleeps on my lap. Oh, I'm just a horrible mother. I can never forgive myself for that... :'(

11 month old baby fell out of bed
by: anonymous

I don't feel well!!! My 11 month old is sitting out of bed when I left him alone for a few minutes while he went to get his bottle. I was already excited because he was sleepy. I ran towards him quickly when I heard a thump followed by inconsolable crying. I quickly picked it up and apologized. I cried with him and I feel so guilty. He stopped crying and fell asleep shortly after finishing his bottle. I called his pediatrician and she advised me to keep him awake and not let him sleep for a few hours. I woke him up and observed his behavior. He behaves normally, smiles and jokes. No bruises or bumps to the head. I will never leave you alone again.

my 7 month old fell
by: anonymous

my baby fell off the sofa on her face when i was talking to someone she started crying so i gave her the pacifier and now she is sleeping ok

Our princess fell out of her wicked bed!
by: anonymous

Our 8 months. The old princess is the prettiest person you will ever see and this morning her perfect little face found the side of our dresser as she dove into our bed. She woke up before us and in a silent attempt to get her bottle off the dresser, she fell and hit her head in two different places, including the tip of her nose where a small piece of her perfect nose was cut off. I screamed desperately, hoping I wasn't fully awake, when my husband ran to save her. She cried for a few minutes and like all the other tough babies in these comments, she was fine, but of course her parents weren't. Her smile at least assures us that God made babies stronger than her parents, she crawls, stands and eats normally. I hope this is of some comfort to other parents, even if it helps a little.

7 month old baby fell from 3 meters
from: sister in law

I rocked my brother's baby to sleep in his swing and after a while he was fast asleep. I left her in the room for a while to prepare dinner when suddenly I heard a baby crying in the room. I was so surprised when I saw her with her stomach on the ground. I can't forgive myself. I'm not sure if she hit her head or what, but she had a red area on her left cheek that eventually went away after a while.

He returned to his normal activity and started playing again. But 12 hours later, she vomited a small amount of milk. Clear fluid comes out of his nose and he sneezes. Please help...your parents have the flu and I'm not sure if this fluid is from colds or CSF (maybe I'm exaggerating) but just be careful. =(

by: Maggie

Yes, I am very worried. Worry that he is not damaged, do not let him sleep right away. Beware of drowsiness and fatigue.
But most of all, be concerned that child protective services will place your baby in foster care if they find out about the story. Being criminalized for negligence and receiving 10 years in prison. And your baby was adopted by complete strangers... So worry more and make sure this never happens again. Because the fascist state is watching us. The CPS makes a lot of money from adoptions and they want to break families, when they break families, they break societies.

Wow Maggie…!
by: paula


What happened to you and your son? From your comment it is clear that you have had a very bad experience. Have you lost your son?

I would say that 99.9% of the time a parent will not lose a child because the baby fell. It must have been a special circumstance. If you want to share, go ahead.


My 7 month old fell out of bed.🙁
by: anonymous

Today, when I had just turned my back to take the car keys and close the closet, I saw my 7-month-old daughter rolling out of bed in the mirror... I didn't have a split second to grab her, I couldn't get her back 🙁

I feel so terribly guilty that I can't eat or drink anything. such accidents.

my PJD also fell off the bed
by: anonymous

oh gott,
My son also fell out of bed yesterday, called the NHS directly and they took him to the ER, he spent 2 hours in the ER and was released after having his eyes, ears and skull checked. He laughed and laughed at the ER doctors. Really funny, a friend of mine told me this happened to her and I was like oh she's a bad mom but now that it happened to me I realize it's a common incident and it happens often. I feel a lot less bad now but I still can't stop worrying and replaying the incident in my head over and over again until I did a demo to show my husband what happened and even though I didn't hit the rug it still hurt .

Babies skulls are softer and hurt less than adults because adult skulls are harder and they feel more pain because I believe that babies are more flexible and elastic due to the development of their bones. Any ideas on this please...

My little girl also fell out of my bed!
by: anonymous

I feel so bad. I heard a huge snort followed by her scream. I ran and skidded across the floor and almost fell when I found her lying on her back. He was scared and worried about a concussion. After doing some quick research, I realized it wasn't that bad because she was acting really cool right after. I decided to observe them for a while. There! Motherhood is a challenge. My bed won't smell anymore, that's for sure. God bless her and all the babies in the world.

My 8 months. The old princess fell out of bed!
by: anonymous

My youngest daughter and I were taking a nap when I decided to get up and tidy up the house a bit. I left her with stacks of pillows on each side of the bed and left the house quietly so I could hear her when she woke up (she usually wakes up crying). Five minutes later I hear a loud BOOM followed by intense screaming and MY HEART STOPS. I ran to the bedroom and found her on the floor with her head bowed. In the midst of my panic, I managed to comfort her and inspect her head and body. As soon as she stopped crying and she was back to acting normal, I started sobbing. I felt like a terrible mother. The person who should have protected her the most abandoned her so much... Her guilt kept me awake causing uncontrollable crying and a headache.

my 4 month old fell
by: anonymous

My love fell out of bed a few hours ago. She was acting normal just 5 minutes after it happened, but I feel so bad that I've been holding her in my arms ever since...

I hope you get well...

8 month old baby fell off the couch
From: New Mom

My 8 month old son fell off the couch and hit his head on the coffee table and landed directly on the floor. He cried for 2 minutes. He is now happy and is back to normal. Many parents I know have had similar experiences, but I thought I would be more vigilant. I think this can happen to any parent raising babies.

fell out of bed
eng: We all make mistakes

My girl was in bed with me while I was answering an email on my laptop and within seconds she crawled to the other side and fell out of bed. I screamed like never before and my husband came running. He had little red dots on the right side of her face like the bruises she had at birth and I just cried and felt guilty and apologized and hugged her. I finally gave it to my husband because my panic scared her more than her own fall. I went to the guest room and spent some time alone.

In the past, if someone dropped their baby out of bed, they were called careless and uncaring parents. But now I realize that this can happen to you when you have a baby. With a baby mobile it only takes a second. You cover a lot of ground with these rollers. Remember, we are all loving mothers, but we are not gods. We do things wrong. We never wanted to hurt our babies. We take care of them 24/7. And when they fall down (even if it's our fault, if you feel the need to blame), they still want us to make them feel better first. What is the alternative? You will get hurt no matter what. My husband used to crawl out of his crib when he was a baby and he kept falling. But his mother couldn't do anything else. She couldn't let him roam the house freely at night.

If we continue to consider ourselves bad mothers, etc., it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The one mom who said these falls are harder on us than babies is right. My girl was ready to do it again today...she's fine. Of course, if there is bleeding or the baby is lethargic, she should call the consultant nurse. But even if the baby is hurt, you have to realize that you would never hurt that baby.

they are babies. They have a lot to learn and we are here to guide, protect and comfort them when they need us. Constantly getting angry about these things won't help the baby and it definitely won't help you. You will always be the best mother in the world for your baby. Remember that.

That means if your baby keeps falling out of bed like mom said 5 times a month and grandma complained, you need to fix that or rearrange the bed to make it stop. Remove intriguing objects from baby's eyes when she can't help but chase them. I'm not a doctor, but repeated head injuries are not okay.

my 6 month old baby
by: anonymous

My 6 month old fell on the bed last night. She was so scared and crying, feeling so guilty that in a moment my husband and I would be there or the baby would fall out. Thank God. After crying for a minute, she went back to her normal routine. Very active a happy baby. I think that's really part of growing up. But I hope it doesn't happen again. I will do my best to be more careful and very careful with him.

He fell out of bed. Concerned. problems with myself...
by: AnonymousS

My son just fell out of bed. Upside down earth. She cried for a minute or so. Then I took a shower and he was in his normal state. Is there something I should worry about? I don't want anything to happen to him in the future. He only had a small bruise on his left eye.

boo drop
by: MammaB

My 7 month old daughter has already fallen out of bed 4 times, how do I know she is ok especially when she falls under her father's care?

Four months
by: anonymous

hello the worst day of all

I was putting my 4 month old upstairs to sleep until he dropped his pacifier. So I grabbed the pacifier and carried my baby down the stairs to the kitchen to rinse him off. Unfortunately I slipped on the road and missed the last stage and there is my precious baby on the mat. My heart was racing and I didn't know what to do. I wanted to die at that moment. I felt like a terrible mother. I just looked at it and squealed before picking it up. She looked at me, she looked fine, but my scream startled her and she screamed and cried for a good two minutes. Fortunately, her grandmother and her father took over. I was a mess, they comforted me. I don't know how I can never forgive myself. I watch her. Now she's normal, but I'm a total mess.

God takes care of our babies.

My 9 month old fell for the second time.
by: anonymous

My baby fell out of bed 2 months ago, she was 7 months old, I took her to the nearest clinic, the doctor said she is fine and I just have to take care of her. And don't let that happen again. But last week she fell off a 3 foot high bed again! I was horrible, my heart sank, I am a horrible mother for letting it happen again. And now I'm worried about her condition. Nobody knows except me and my aunt, not even my husband.

Just yesterday, 6 days after he fell out of bed, he threw up. I don't know if it's just teething symptoms because her teeth are coming in on her top front tooth. Or could it be the result of falling out of bed a second time? I hope and pray that only the teeth come out of it. Please give me some advice for those experiencing this. I am a new mom. And I'm very worried about my baby.

my baby fell out of bed

My baby fell out of bed an hour ago I was so worried that he only cried for 10-15 minutes but I feel so guilty I cried a lot so I'm looking for him I have all these opinions so I feel a bit relaxed but until I'm worried that is acting normally, but has a problem that I can't see at the moment. Related to the brain means memory is not related? She doesn't bleed or vomit, please share her thoughts on this, I'll appreciate it!

Mother-in-law wouldn't let me touch my baby
by: anonymous

So that was the second time the baby fell out of my bed. he was horrified. The first time he just learned to roll over and fell asleep in bed with me. And I woke up with a thud to see my love lying face down on the floor, crying. My husband walked in the door with my mother in law just inside the door. I held my baby and comforted her and got rid of my husband calling me a bad mother and never putting her to bed again.

However, the second time he fell... my husband and I were babysitting and he said, "It's so hot, I'm going to turn on the air conditioning." And as he walks out the door, I turn to go to the closet for a second when there's a bang and the precious treasure falls back. This time my husband takes the baby and gives it to his mother and he won't let me touch her even though the baby is crying for my comfort. My baby kept coming to me, but the mother-in-law wouldn't let me touch her. The mother-in-law pushed her away from me and pulled my hands when I tried to hold her, saying, “You are not fit to be a mother. Falling her once could happen to anyone, but falling her a second time you lose that child. You should get on your knees and apologize for leaving you.

I was so outraged and near hysterical that my mother-in-law wouldn't even let me touch my 6-month-old son, let alone think I owed her an apology. My baby's fall was more traumatic for me than anyone else, how dare she take my son away from me. is that fair. My husband could have at least let me know to take care of the baby when she moves out. We both walk away at the same time. How come it's my fault!

And there was my husband next to my mother-in-law who was carrying my crying son and I was on the other side, crying and looking at her.

For mother with mother in law
de: Paula (Easy Baby Life)

Hi mom,

What a horrible experience she must have had when her baby fell a second time and then was written off as an unfit mother when it happened! I'm sorry for you!

Unless you and your mother-in-law are already in a bad relationship, I guess her reaction was surprise. People can do the strangest and most inappropriate things when they are scared and upset.

Once things have calmed down a bit, try to talk to your husband about it and tell him how sad and traumatic the event was for you. If you don't blame him, he's more likely to take your side. Maybe I can help you talk to his mother; or he does it or you or both together.

I really hope the three of you can talk about the situation so it doesn't create negativity in the future.

Be careful,


I feel like the worst mother in the universe
by: anonymous

It happened today, we were sleeping and the next thing I knew I heard a loud bang followed by a shaking in the bed and a loud scream. I woke up immediately to find my son crying on the floor non-stop. I picked him up and started talking to him but I'm worried because I don't remember if he fell on my laptop or if he hit his head on the swing by the bed right there he was on the swing last night and I was so tired to put away the laptop. last night. I don't know what to do, I'm all screwed up and I feel horrible

by: anonymous

I'm relieved to see I'm not the only one this has happened to. My 3 month old was laying on his pillow on the couch, I just walked into my kitchen for a few seconds. As I watched him he started kicking and moving around a lot and then I watched him roll off my 2 foot couch onto a rug with hard tile underneath and fall on his face. I feel so bad that I couldn't catch it in time.

He cried for a few minutes and then he was back to normal, but I took him to the doctor right away anyway, the doctor checked his pupils and made sure he wasn't throwing up and then I held him up in the air to make sure he was okay. he kicked his legs (he said if he didn't move his legs in the air it could be a sign of a concussion). It was all good.

Thank God and I think angels or spirits are watching over him all the time.

fall for the third time !!!
by: anonymous

When my baby was three months old, he fell on our bed. It's my fault that she was pumping, so I put her in the middle of our bed. She then turned over a second time as she slept. I think she was 4 months-third time in the stroller. She didn't know her side pillow wasn't attached so she fell over again but she acted normal. Should I get an x-ray to be sure? Or it lasts a year if the baby has a bad or unusual effect during the fall months. HMMMMMM I AM SO GUILTY I FEEL I AM NOT A GOOD MOTHER YET. I'm just a teen mom ='C

10 month old baby fell out of bed
by: VJ

My 10 month old fell out of bed today and I was devastated. I literally just went out to fix his blanket and when I turned around I saw him fall but I couldn't catch him. My heart skipped a beat when I saw and heard his head hit the ground, I couldn't stop screaming. I picked him up and took him outside to calm him down and he seemed fine after that. I waited half an hour. before putting him to sleep and he was fine all day. He was crying while he was sleeping and I can't help but worry if he has something to do with the fall. I kept hugging him, crying and apologizing. I feel like the worst mother in the world, it had never happened to me before or with my other son. I think you really need eyes in the back of your mind and there are definitely angels watching over our babies. I'm so relieved to have read the other stories here that I sometimes feel better when I see this happen. I still feel so guilty.

My 5 month old fell out of bed.
by: mr

@VJ my son fell out of bed yesterday even though he was fine within minutes I went to the pediatrician anyway. He asked me to watch for 24 hours, but my son is fine now. I'm still worried. Only after he finishes this observation period do I feel good again.

by: VJ

I hope the baby is okay... fingers crossed!

Syndrome blame dad if the baby falls
by: anonymous

It was the same with this mother. We let him play with her toys on the bed and her dad and I were in the bedroom getting ready when our 7 month old stood up and climbed on the extra wide and extra long queen size rail. He landed on his back (according to dad). I stood in front of his dresser and he landed right in front of my feet. It was a mess and I just yelled that we had to check it out. We saw the pedestrian a few minutes ago and now I'm seeing him asleep for his usual nap. I want to wake him up to make sure he's okay... but I'll just sit here and watch. They told me to make sure he had normal sleep patterns, that he didn't vomit, and that he acted normally. I can't believe this happened as we even use the changing table handle. I won't forgive myself :(

My baby too.
by: anonymous

My 6 month old fell out of bed yesterday. I am submitting my post because this site has helped me a lot with my anxiety and guilt. My son was sleeping in my bed and I was gone for two seconds. I heard a big bang and a scream that I had never heard before. I took him to our GP and he said everything was fine. Later I took him home and noticed that his eye was a little swollen. I took him to the hospital where they took very good care of him and told me again that everything was fine. My bed is three feet off the ground and he landed on the hardwood floor. They said babies are made of tough stuff. My mother put it best: "You don't know the true meaning of guilt until you have a baby."

I think I would be enemies with 4 of my 6 month old Puthiya angels
Para: Sakthidevi

Dear readers,

Just 8 hours ago I committed the worst act of my life. When my baby cried and woke up, I took her out of bed and held her with my left hand and went to the kitchen to prepare food for her. Suddenly she turned around and (I still can't see how I lost control of her) landed on her back completely into the kitchen sink that has a stainless steel water kadai. For a moment I don't know what happened. You sanctify yourself for a while and get completely wet with water in the sink. I cried and hit my head against her doors as she dropped it. I checked her well, no bruises but a small blood clot like a point on her neck. The bad thing is that she has had a temperature of 99 to 100 degrees for five days. She cried for a while looking at me and after 15 minutes I fed her. She eats well, plays and responds to my actions. No vomiting or orientation. She is sleepy after an hour and a half and I put her to sleep. To monitor her, I wake her up at night, she wakes up fine and smiles at me. After feeding her, she goes back to sleep. I planned to see the doctor tomorrow and opted for a brain CT scan for my satisfaction and future safety. I hereby want to apologize to 2 of my daughter 4 for my bad thing. I pray to God that my son stays healthy and well. So friends please answer me what should I do to reduce my anxiety, guilt and panic.

Memory loss when falling out of bed?
from: grandfather

About a week ago, while our son was "watching", our 8 month old granddaughter rolled out of her loft bed and landed on a very hard wood on concrete floor. He found her crying face down. There seemed to be no after effects except last Saturday I was normal but on Monday I was extremely tearful and tired as my wife watched her and this is BIG she doesn't seem to recognize me anymore. I used to be greeted with smiles and the "full body smile" - waving arms and legs - but now I'm like a complete stranger. She seems fine with my wife checking on her 3 days a week, but all I get is blank looks, or worse, almost scared looks. She worries that something happened to her in the fall, but I'm afraid to tell my son as he feels quite guilty. Any ideas?

by: andreia

I feel guilty. I have an 8 month old baby. She has fallen twice from my bed and once from my mother's bed. All 3 of her falls it looked like she was in pain but not all 3 she cries for a minute and as soon as we put her down she starts playing with her toys. But tonight, on her third fall, I noticed that she wouldn't let go when she picked her up off the ground. That means something is wrong with her...she has been playing for a while...she ate 4 ounces of milk and now she is asleep...what should i do????

And as you can see, I am a very irresponsible and bad first-time mom….

Culpable - Andrea
from: grandfather

Don't scold Andrea, but you REALLY need to be more careful. Once? She happens to everyone, but three times? You should watch EVERY fall for signs of a concussion or other injury, and maybe see your pediatrician, but if those three cases were relatively close, you should definitely check them out, such as football players with multiple concussions, infants with multiple falls y Bumps to the head can be a very bad thing. Stop wondering and bashing on forums - take her to an ER or pediatrician immediately!

new mom
by: anonymous

Today my 5 month old fell out of bed while drinking a bottle, the bed is quite high off the floor. When I saw him on the ground, I started crying in fear. But he didn't cry that much until I picked him up and started petting him and apologizing. I feel like a bad mother, I feel horrible and I can't get it out of my head. I'm still trying to figure out how he got to one side of the bed and ended up on the other side of the floor. He's acting normal, like nothing happened. And my mother-in-law said that my husband often fell out of bed and was always fine. Thank your guardian angels for keeping you sane.

The baby fell while leaning on the bed.
by: anonymous

Hello, I feel terrible too. I have always heard that babies fall or roll out of bed very often, but I did not expect that to happen to my baby. This happened today and I feel very bad. I keep replaying the scene in my head. I tried to prepare quickly to leave the house with my baby to take him to the zoo. She is three and a half months old and she cried when I put her on her back so I put her on a pillow on the bed so she would stop crying. I turn for a few seconds to get a shirt off my dresser, literally two feet from where my baby was, and the next thing I hear is my baby squeal after being punched.

He fell and rolled out of bed onto the carpeted floor. I immediately grabbed her, hugged her and apologized, trying not to cry or get angry so as not to make her more angry. When she stopped screaming and crying 5-10 minutes later, I called the nurse at the pediatrician's office. She assured me that this happens often, that of course you will feel like a terrible mother, but YOU ARE NOT A HORRIBLE MOTHER! I have to keep telling myself this because I feel so bad.

As others here have said, it's often harder on the parent than the baby. No dents, scratches or bruises on my little one. I'll put her down or strap her to one of her chairs from now on. I can't let that happen again, not only for her sake but also for my sanity. Now I'm exhausted from the stress of what happened this morning, but I don't want to sleep…I just want to keep watching over her. The nurse said to keep an eye on it and look for something that looks different but so far nothing. She is normal, cute and smiling.

My advice to those who this has happened to; keep calm and don't be too hard on yourself. The power of your thought is incredible. If you get off, that ACCIDENT may cause more accidents, who knows. Please be strong for yourself and your baby. Think of all the nice things you do for her and think of all the things that make your baby great. Of course... do all of this after examining your naked baby and at least consider calling your doctor or nurse's hotline. Calling me at first was like admitting that she was a bad mother, but I quickly realized that a bad mother is one who knows there is something you can do but she refuses. That doesn't mean you have to call the nurse if your baby falls, but in general I think. Do what she thinks you should do for your baby, whether she likes it or not.

My good thoughts are sent to all the mothers involved in this accident. Be strong!

thanks moms
Por: Thivya

This morning my little one (7 months) fell out of bed while I was in the bathroom. We took her to the hospital immediately, my doctor said she was normal but we kept her under observation for 24 hours in case she vomited. In fact, she vomits regularly after drinking milk because she turns or sits...she today she vomited twice but staying is quite normal...she is more active than before and she plays a lot...she sleeps too much normally . Now friends tell me if I should go to the doctor or not.
Thank you all... I also thank God...

Thank God!!
by: anonymous

I am so relieved after reading all of your mom's comments. My 5 month old daughter fell out of bed this morning and it was really horrible to see her lying on the floor. She cried for about 2 minutes and then she was back to normal.
I firmly believe that angels are everywhere. I thank God for taking care of my little angel….

My son hit his head and he is only 12 weeks!!
by: anonymous

My son is 12 weeks old and when I was bottle feeding him his head rolled off my knee and hit the bed very hard. He started crying right away and even held his breath a little bit, but sometimes he does when he cries. After about 10 minutes he seemed fine, he was talking and smiling and was awake for about 40 minutes afterwards. He is asleep now. I am really worried since he is so tiny at only 12 weeks. I know there's no way he can sleep, now I feel awful! What should I do now, should I let him sleep? What signs should I watch out for?

by: anonymous

HELLO, after reading all the comments I don't feel so bad anymore.

My 6 1/2 month old fell out of bed about 30 minutes ago. He cried a bit afterwards, but drank his usual morning bottle and is happily playing with his toys on the floor. I checked for bruises and limbs on him, but he's fine. I'll be keeping an eye on him for the next few days. I'm so glad I'm not the only one. It was horrible, we always give each other morning hugs before he takes his bottle and I must have fallen asleep for a few seconds. The next thing I heard was a crash and my son crying. I feel terrible and I keep telling myself that I am a bad mother. But after reading all the comments, I know it's a common thing now. I won't let him out of my sight from now on. I couldn't bear to hear that scream again.

Thank you all

My 7 month old fell out of bed.
by: anonymous

I've read all your comments and I don't know if it makes me feel better. This is my second time mom and this has never happened to my first time. What can I say, I guess I haven't thought about it. I should have known better now. We have a rug but she fell on the hardwood floor. As you can see I'm still very upset, last night just happened, I'm looking forward to today and see how he is today.
To the sweet grandma who wrote earlier, take the baby to the Dr., many may one day know the baby forever. Just being in a bad time and the time when deadly things happen. I will pray for this little baby and all the others too.
I am still very sad about this situation, although it happens to all of us, it should not be the case, so we are here to take care of it. Sorry I can't help. But I think it's good to have those feelings, to show that we care, and also to think about never doing that again.
And for those who sleep in bed with a baby, it is better to buy a crib or ask for it for free, they are very fast and at night it is impossible to keep up with these little ones.

de: Annapoorna

Last night my 8 month old fell out of bed.
It could be in the dark that you didn't notice. We also don't know when she woke up and fell. She had a small wound in her mouth. Her upper lip was cracked and her mouth was full of blood. We were scared, but after 3-5 minutes she stopped crying. The wound disappears in 4 days.

My 11 month old fell out of bed [SAKHI]


1-month-old baby accidentally hits his head
of potato

Please advice... Anyone who may read this. I'm very worried. I have a 1 month old baby, I accidentally hit her head on a wooden cabinet while carrying her. She had a red bump. I think she only cried for 2 minutes. Then she fell asleep. After 10 minutes she cried and gave the milk. I have to do something? That happened a few minutes before she wrote this... Please...

My cutest baby fell and hit her head!
by: By

Almost 1 hour ago my 8 month old sweet princess fell in front of my eyes. She just learned to crawl and sit perfectly on her own and I am so proud of her. At a family gathering, she has close to her her 2 cousins, who are a little older than her. The mothers then put them next to each other and started acting like paparazzi. She fell to the ground in a split second in the middle of the photo shoot and I felt like a huge idiot... I wanted to die right there...
She cried a lot and I nursed her and pinched her forehead with an ice pack. I feel like I want to die... Whatever. She is normal now…she smiles and eats her porridge…But I am scarred for life…I promised to be very careful in the future.

feel guilty
by: anonymous

My 8 month old daughter fell out of bed while looking for her nightgown... I'm usually very careful so she doesn't fall out of bed and distract her with the toys she loves the most, but today I didn't even think about her. was my fault that he fell... but as I thought about why he hadn't taken the usual precautions, I realized that he had been sleep deprived for the past few days due to traveling and his waking up at night had. ..i feel like a bad mother for not taking care of her and sleeping while she took her nap today but spend some time for me..i hope she is ok..

What happens to an 8-month-old who falls and hits his head, falls asleep, and then wakes up?
puerto: andi

What happens to an 8-month-old who falls and hits his head, falls asleep, and then wakes up? That I have to do? It will be OK?

baby head
by: anonymous

I have one of Tommee Tippee's diaper disposers in my baby's room, after emptying it an hour ago I returned it. Since it was messy where I keep it, I put it on a chair next to my son's crib. When room was available I picked it up and the top fell off and bounced off the mattress onto my baby's head. She cried for a few minutes, but then she woke up and now she's laughing in her sleep.

I have experience with accidents being an HCA but nothing with children per se. Do you think it will be okay? He is only 6 weeks and 5 days old.

7 month old baby fell out of my bed......

My 7 month old fell out of bed this morning. His father turned to look for a diaper and I was getting dressed when suddenly I heard a pop! And there was my girl on his back. He took it. I examined it. She cried for a few minutes. In fact, I think I cried more than she did. She loved her and I told her how sorry I was. I still feel terrible. After we both calmed down, I put her in the walker and she walked away from her like nothing happened. She laughs, smiles, eats and says thank god she seems fine. I pray that she is okay.

baby falling down the stairs
by: owner

My brother's daughter fell from 22 steps. My mother and her mother ran towards them. My brother passed out and fell. He was sleeping and when I hear my mother and my brother's daughter crying, I suddenly wake up. I run towards the stairs when I see that there is blood on the bottom step. You'll be going to the doctor in a minute. The doctor says there is nothing to worry about. The damage is only on the lips. But I'm still worried. She is only 1 year old.

My 3 month old fell out of bed.
from: Debt forever?

She just turned 3 months old and yesterday I jumped out of bed screaming because I was woken up by a bang and a loud scream. I always usually put pillows next to it and put it in the middle of the bed once my husband leaves for work in the morning. We have a king size bed. But I was so tired and for some reason I put him on my other side and his head wasn't tilted in the direction I usually put it. I can't imagine him lying headfirst on the ground with his little feet on his body and crying. It was only a split second and I jumped up and picked him up and he immediately stopped crying and was smiling at me a few seconds later. It seems perfectly normal, but I feel so terrible. No bumps or vomiting or anything like that. Reading these comments makes me feel better. I didn't even tell my husband because I don't want him to think I'm a bad mother. I keep playing in my head, wondering if this horrible feeling and image will stay with me forever.

My 18 year old son fell head over heels on our couch/sofa
by: Sandy

Hi... I was worried my son would fall headfirst off the couch and it's really hard because I was listening to a great blog out loud and then I saw him laying on the floor with his feet still in the air... There's my the heart stopped beating for a moment and I am so sorry to my son for what happened. So I gave him water afterwards, but I only cried for 5 minutes. Even though he's getting back to his normal routine…I'm still worried if he had internal bleeding or something. I have no family to help me, so I am very worried.

My 7 month old fell out of bed.
for: Nikkij

I was so worried that it would fall off. She fell face down on the ground. I kept apologizing to her. I feel so guilty for not belittling her or putting her in her bed. That was the worst thump I've ever heard in my life. She cried and went back to normal, playing and cooing. I'll take care of her all night tonight.

My son fell out of bed about 2 hours ago!!!
by: seamunkeyy

Today started well, I slept well. I was running when I woke up (my son has a babysitter). To top it off, my son is officially 9 months old today! Anyway, I took a nap and woke up around 10 am to get ready for work. I heard my son muttering downstairs so I asked the babysitter to take him to the room where I got ready. I usually continue to get ready while watching my son from a short distance (about 3 feet) in our bed surrounded by pillows. I just give him things to keep him interested and updated. If I need to get something out of the other room, I'll bring it with me. Usually he never leaves him alone. I was almost done when he started taking a handful so I yelled for the babysitter to come get him, I yelled twice, she didn't hear me. So I strategically placed my son in the middle of the bed and re-wrapped him in pillows so he could scream much closer to the door so the babysitter could hear me call her. But when I stopped screaming, I turned my head and saw my son fall to the edge of the bed. I jumped in quickly, but it was already too late. BAMM, he landed his forehead on our hardwood floor.

I tell you my heart beat 10 times!! My baby cried but she laughed again after 15 minutes with her cute butt. She even had lunch after she stopped crying! I missed work to keep an eye on him. All I can say is that he scared me, even though he was already there, walking around like nothing happened. Thank God for the guardian angel!!!

7 month old baby fell out of bed
by: anonymous

My 7 month old fell out of bed 3 hours ago! I had just given him a bath and he was sitting on the bed and I was putting lotion on his body. I turned to keep the lotion on the table and he landed on his head and I watched in agony as he straightened up and landed on his head. He also scratched his nose so that it would get a little blood on it. I called 9/11 and after 3 hours of non stop crying he is sound asleep in his crib and I check on him every hour or so to make sure he is ok. The doctor said as long as he acts normal and doesn't throw up, he should be fine. I feel so devastated and so pathetic for allowing this to happen to my little man. But to err is human and we only learn from our mistakes!

Father experience… hehehe!!!
by: anonymous

I'm calm now... thanks to all your actions! Now I am fine with all your nice interactions…truly all of God's guardian angels have been assigned to our precious boy…God bless and bless us all and I wish all the moms and dads like me a happy baby! hahaha

My 4 month old fell out of bed.
by: steph

I put my precious baby on the bed and went to the kitchen to do something, but suddenly I heard a falling sound. I immediately ran into the room and saw that my beloved baby was already lying on the concrete floor. I am the most terrible mother

my baby cries a lot i held him and tried my best to make him stop crying he cried for almost 5 minutes i was very worried because his head hit the concrete floor after 5 minutes he stopped crying he was silent for more than 5 minutes now he seems to be fine, but I'm still very worried about my baby.

I am just a new mom so i really care about my baby a lot, please give me some advice, thanks.

My 6.5 month old fell out of bed yesterday
por: Sathya


First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for the first Nothing to Worry posts. My wife and I have been terrified since last night after our daughter slipped out of bed. She was sound asleep, lying in the far corner of the wall next to the bed. It is still a mystery how she managed to reach the edge of the bed and slip. Luckily she was normal in the morning (she ate well, eats well and plays normally). She made an ad hoc appointment with my pediatrician today and he took her in for another check up. The doctor examined her and said that she was fine and that she had nothing to worry about. I just came back from the hospital and now she is fine. Wondering what I'll do next? - Easy, disassemble the crib and put the crib on the floor until my little one grows. Thanks again everyone and initially when I joined this forum I was relieved to see that we were not alone in the world 🙂 Good luck and take care of your babies. May God be with each child.

7 month old baby fell out of bed
by: Liz

Thank you all for your comments.

I usually put my son on my bed while I breastfeed him. So I did what I always do, put him to sleep, wrapped him in pillows, and went into the other room to study for my test. I always do and he is always fine. I kick myself not realizing that I shouldn't leave him alone in my bed since he moves around a lot, but it's so hard to get him to sleep anywhere else. I usually move him from my bed to his while he sleeps, but this time I didn't. I heard a loud bang and then he yelled at her and my heart sank. I feel like a bad mother. I usually review it like crazy, but since I started studying I get distracted.

I called 911 and a paramedic came and said to keep an eye on him but he appears to be fine. No blood, no stains and he's happy and laughing. I still feel like everyone, including my husband, underestimates! I guess I'm the only one who doesn't react. I hope you are good. I love him so much I will keep an eye on him and I will NEVER leave him alone in my bed again.

My 7 month old fell out of bed.
Latch: Jeremy

First, I have a comment to the people who post on this thread saying that other people don't care about their children or they are bad parents. How did you come across this thread? Why are you reading this just so you can judge people who ask for help in these kinds of situations?

I have raised 5 children, I am overprotective and when one of my children gets hurt it is devastating. 2 of my children are grown, 3 live at home but one is only 7 months old and is my little princess. I am overly protective of her and am the first to get angry when I get hurt while caring for others. About an hour ago I sat with her on my bed and played, kissing her and making fart noises, all I could to get that smile I love to see. I turned briefly to place a bowl on her dresser and in a split second she flew over my leg and landed squarely on the floor. This is the first time something like this has happened to me. She is fine, although I checked the soft part of her to see if she was swollen, I made sure she responded to her name and the typical things that made her laugh after she stopped crying. These things happen and in all cases it is best to ask someone who has had a couple of children since I GUARANTEE it has happened to them.

1 year old fell out of bed
by: anonymous

My 1 year old daughter just fell out of bed. I'm panicking, she seems fine, now I feel better reading other parents' posts here.

Fell out of high chair at 7 months
but: Loredana123

He fell face down in the chair, he was loose... I underestimate his movements. Ok, he cried for 5-10 minutes, took him outside, bathed him, put his pajamas on and cuddled him a bit. Now he is sleeping, he looks good. I thank God for protecting my baby. As a mother, I feel very guilty. We must have eyes everywhere 🙂

My 11-month-old baby fell from a very high sofa, will something happen?
by: anonymous

My baby just fell from a very high sofa, will something happen to him? She is still eating and playing, but I am still very worried.

Fell out of bed at 7 months
by: anonymous

My baby fell out of bed yesterday, I took my eyes off her for a split second and heard a loud bang, she was scared to death, she had a lump on her forehead, I was comforting her and gently massaging her tummy, then ice her, she cried for a few minutes but she's ok...she took a nap for about 10 minutes and now she's back to being so playful. Even though I still feel so bad that I kept replaying the scene in my head, I wish I had stopped it.

baby bruises
by: anonymous

My son is 6 months old and he fell out of bed last night. Our bed is not very high because it's just a mattress on the floor since we don't have a frame. I went to him and he slept next to his father. He was about to change me and I heard a loud bang and my baby's cry. I dropped my clothes and ran to my room. And there he was, lying on the floor at the foot of the bed. I picked him up and looked at him and saw that he had a lump on his head and also a small one near his eye. I felt like the worst mother in the world and I still do. I called our pediatrician and they told me not to worry he would be fine but today he has a bruise on his forehead. :'( seems fine today, acting and playing normal. Does anyone have any tips on how to stop beating myself up about what happened? I'm 19 and this is my first baby.

3.5 months falling
by: anonymous

My 3.5 month old just rolled out of my arms and fell when I sat on the couch and fell asleep. I was horrified when I woke up crying from sleep, what's worse, it happened in front of my 5 year old son who immediately ran to tell his father. He wasn't helpful when he asked me how he could allow that.

I feel like a terrible mother and a failure, she seems to be fine thank God, but I'm sure she won't be in a few days.

My 9 month old fell out of bed on a nightstand.
by: anonymous

My daughter fell out of bed on the corner of a nightstand, I am very worried as she has a very large lump on her forehead and she immediately felt nauseous, but within 5 minutes she was fine and playing what the heck please help . .

throwing up is okay
von: Paula (Baby Support Line)


The general guideline is that if your baby has thrown up just once and is perfectly normal after that, he is probably fine. But if she vomits again, has unusual sleep, is weak or confused, or seems to have some sort of vision or coordination problem, you should take her to the doctor right away.

Remember to watch her for any of the above symptoms over the next few days.



My 6 month old stable fell out of bed
by: anonymous

My 6 month old fell out of bed early in the morning around 4:30 am two days ago. We examined her entire body and discovered that she cried when we touched her left arm. And she's as good as ever, no more complaints.

We went to the pediatrician and he suggested an x-ray and it was normal. Since she was in pain, she prescribed a tonic.

In the morning of the next day, we found that his right arm with the swelling was rushed to the same doctor and they did an X-ray again and we did not find any fracture.

So he suggested seeing an orthopedist and the orthopedist said babies never break because their bones are like rubber bands and suggested the same medicine.

And today my baby has been coughing since morning and vomiting at noon and at night.

So we're really worried if it's the head injury he sustained when he fell out of bed or his cough. We rush back to the hospital.

I ask for your suggestion.

14-month-old baby fell from car seat onto concrete🙁Aid
of Mary

This afternoon my 14 month old daughter fell head first out of the car seat onto the concrete. We had just stopped at the market to buy a few things. I put them in the shopping cart while I put the bags in the car. I was just putting them on when the car came to get the car. I quickly grabbed her and sat her in her seat unbuckled, all I had to do was get my bag out of the car and then I would buckle her up. In that split second, I turned and saw her fall headfirst. She has a rash and bruises on her forehead. She 🙁 She cried a lot for about 15 minutes. She seemed fine, but now (6 hours later) she doesn't sleep well, she wakes up and screams. Should I take it with me to the checkout?


baby falls out of bed
por: aracana

My baby fell off the bed and his cheeks hurt, he cried a lot and his cheeks were red and I gently washed his face with water, but he also cried after an hour, he was calm so he was happy.

20 fun
by: anonymous

I was playing with my 20 month old sister and she accidentally dropped it on her face and she started crying for a while with some blood coming out of her nose. My family took her to the hospital (I didn't go because they're a bit sick of me already) but when she left she seemed to calm down a bit. Any advice that can help me assess the situation?

8 month old baby fell out of bed
by: anonymous

He's about four feet tall, I put big pillows and blankets around him, but it didn't matter, I heard him move, I ran just in time to see him roll over, hit his head, and land on his back. I don't feel well! I'll wake you up every hour tonight. I feel so bad I'm worse than him, he cried for a few minutes, but he started playing again. Where he hit he looks flat, I should worry if he's carpeted. The doctor says that he should be careful with vomiting, but I feel bad.

Baby fell 2-3 feet from bed, leading to questioning
by: anonymous

Don't let your baby lie on a sofa bed or somewhere high. Leave them on the ground in a playpen or patio. I put my 7 month old on the floor for a brief second to get lotion in the same room as the dresser and then I heard a huge bang. I turned and saw her crying next to her. I felt so bad that I picked her up and tried to calm her down.

I called and made an appointment and made an appointment. She has not vomited or had any lumps or lumps. I still feel bad about it. This was the first time and when I got to his appointment, the pediatrician didn't even bother to examine his joints or eyes for any normal reaction or pain that bothered me, he only examined his head.

Oh and I would like to add that she called a social worker and they questioned me as if to say this was the first time this had happened.

My suggestion is that you can also check these symptoms yourself. Has the baby lost consciousness, is he bleeding somewhere, has he vomited, is he behaving normally?

If he behaves differently or vomits and does not eat normally, call a pediatrician.

can be serious
by: anonymous

The comments above make you think that if the baby falls off a table or a tree and hits his head, there is nothing to worry about.

That is totally wrong. A fall on the head can have serious consequences for the baby, such as sudden vision loss, brain damage, concussion, vomiting, dizziness, or nosebleeds. It may require urgent treatment and/or surgery. Only the doctor can assess the damage. It should not be taken lightly or left to chance.

I know of a case when the child fell face down on the floor and immediately lost his sight. The doctor said that his retina was damaged due to bleeding in the eye and that he needed surgery as he got older to see again. After several years of eye treatments and surgeries, his vision had still not been fully restored.

Another cousin of mine fell from a height as a child and since then has had recurrent hysterics and related illnesses and is unable to lead a normal life. That's sad and unfortunate, just for a moment of recklessness.

So ATTENTION all mothers!!!

my 7 month old also fell out of bed
by: paranoid mother

I also wanted to share this to lessen my guilt because I really felt responsible for my baby falling out of bed.

It happened at 7 in the morning yesterday. Normally my baby would sleep in her crib or crib but since it's my day off I've taken the time to really make up for sleeping with her and taking care of her all day. By then she was already awake, I even mixed up a bottle and I was supposed to be awake too, but since it was raining I lay down and kept sleeping until I heard something fall and then it was my baby crying on the floor.

I immediately picked her up and my husband was already screaming and panicking even though he was trying to control his anger. My baby cried for 10-15 minutes.

I didn't expect this because I put some pillows inside to prevent the baby from falling. But it was too late.

Now he is fine and is back to normal. After an hour she fell asleep and drank her milk. We were supposed to take her to the doctor yesterday but she vanished so I just watch her cry and hold her hand and always apologize for being so careless.

I even called my mom and prayed for her over the phone. My mother comforted me and she told me that everything is fine, just trust the Lord that she will be fine. Still, I cried all night and kept blaming myself for what happened.

I really hope and pray that my baby is okay. I love her very much and I don't know what to do if something bad happens to her. she's so small. I'm already paranoid.

We can take her to a doctor today for a checkup, x-ray, or any other necessary steps to make sure she's okay. Only now I realize that health is much more important than money. I even prayed a lot that he would take away everything we have invested, money and all, but not to harm my baby.

From now on, I have vowed to always take extra precautions with my baby. I also thank my family for always being there to comfort me.

My 15 month old daughter fell out of a king bed
by: anonymous

My girl fell out of bed today, she was walking in front of me and all of a sudden she went to the other side of the bed and fell. She hit her forehead and under her eye.

I felt so guilty. She vomited twice but was back to normal within 5 minutes. But it was a bit difficult to walk. She landed on her butt a few times, but she seemed fine. I guess the angels never left her side.

9-month-old baby fell out of bed and broke his clavicle
by: anonymous

My mom was babysitting my 9 month old son at our camp with my friend for my first birthday and he fell off the loft bed she has. She didn't call me until they were about to go home. But she was acting grumpy, like she had a bruise under her arm. She was wearing it and it clearly wasn't broken, but I obviously freaked out and decided to take him to the ER the moment she brought him home because he'd rather fool around and play it safe.

Well that was perfect because I had a closed clavicle fracture! She broke my heart and to this day my mom is devastated and she doesn't let him down when she sees it.

However, he was a great little soldier and he was in again in two days. But I prefer to play it safe when something feels wrong. Don't blame yourself, just make sure your little acrobat is okay. 🙂 You won't remember it anyway.

2 guys = lots of Oows!!
by: anonymous

My children are 3 years and 22 months. (Both get on the couch as I write this)

I learned that my favorite purchase is called a bed rail. They are available at Toys R Us for $20. They are meant for single beds but if you put 1 on each side of the bed they help.

Every day I put them under the mattress. Trust me my kids always get hurt (my 3 year old got stitches on the right side of his forehead a year ago trying to climb TWO steps and hit the corner.

my 9 month old baby also fell

by: anonymous

My 9 month old daughter fell out of bed last night while I was fast asleep. Thank God she is fine and playing normally now.

My 9 month old brother fell
by: anonymous

My stepdad threw my brother on the table, made my brother twist his arm and he cried a lot for 10 minutes, and after 5 minutes every time my mom touches his arm he cries a lot. He wanted to take him to the hospital but now they have decided to stay and do nothing just because he is playing with his toys. And my stepdad (I really hate him so much) says oh don't worry he's fine all babies fall over and cry forever and then they're fine… Should I tell my mom to tell her to take him to the hospital?

EasyBabyLife Review:I'm sorry to hear about your brother's death. Whether or not to take him to the hospital will depend on whether he continues to feel pain when someone touches his arm or is reluctant or unable to use it. Sometimes the baby will cry for a long time without it being serious, but keep a close eye on him for the next several hours to see how he develops.

10 months from 2 people approx.
by: anonymous

My girl fell out of my bed and I took her to the doctor, he told me that the first 10 hours is the most critical, she is fine, she is still fine but she is always fine, from the doctor to hear that she is fine.

she will be alright?
by: anonymous

My 8 month old daughter and I were playing on the bed all I did was look away for a second and look back to not see her but hear screaming. She has a large lump and a bruise on her forehead.

3 year old boy fell
by: anonymous

My 3 year old son fell yesterday the height was not very high but when I checked his head it was a little swollen with a reddish spot but it was normal and he was playing what should I do.

feel guilty
by: anonymous

Thank you, thank you for all your comments and words of encouragement. My 8 month old also fell out of bed today. I usually watch her like a hawk, but she was asleep and I was only out the door for a minute when he must have woken up and gotten out of bed. I feel terrible!! It's one of those things you don't normally talk about with your friends for fear of being judged, but I'm so happy to hear all those words of comfort from all of you. She cried for only a few minutes and I could feel her whole body looking for swelling or pain. I tried to stay calm and reassure her for her sake, as hard as it was on her. She now she plays and laughs normally so I will take care of her for the next few days and I will NEVER leave her alone in bed. I don't want to go through something like this again if I can help it!

8-month-old baby fell out of bed and bled from ear
by: faksy

The 8-month-old girl fell out of bed and was bleeding from her ear. We are in the hospital at the moment...can someone advise me what to do and if there is anything to worry about...I really appreciate it. The mother is very worried and she cries constantly.

the same thing just happened
by: anonymous

My 6 month old fell out of bed. I don't understand why he always sleeps next to me in bed. When he's fast asleep, he always turns over and changes sides and I've never cared too much about him turning over. Around 1 am today I heard a bang and when I looked up I was on the carpet. I was so shocked when I picked it up that I just screamed and my husband picked it up. He cried for a few minutes and went back to sleep. I couldn't stop crying, I checked his limbs, everything is fine, but I feel like a failure and a bad mother, I don't understand how he ended up on the floor. I can't sleep but my husband is snoring again. Men! I feel so terrible and I blame myself. I just keep looking at it

my sixth month fell last night too
by: jr

Wow, it's amazing how common this is. It seems that in most cases the babies are fine, but only a few cases are very serious...

I told my fiancée I was dead tired and going to bed so she left the baby on the bed for me to take care of and I suggested she put him in the crib...she ran to the bathroom and they put a crib on me injection when I heard a BANG! I freaked out when I saw my toddler face down on the vinyl tile girl screamed when she heard the thump; I have it; only cried for a looked fine, no signs of trauma...we felt so guilty; I still feel like stomach turned and I got nauseous and weird. so nervous... This is heartbreaking for any loving parent... right now we can only pray that he is exactly as the doctor said and that he is ok... Next time I will definitely be more careful. ..

I have never felt so guilty in my life. My poor son is also struggling with some kind of stomach virus that is making him cranky so this is our 2nd trip 2 to the ER 2 bk plus a doctor's appointment...and to top it off I'm running out sinus surgery... It was a pretty crazy week for us here, we actually deal with all this, but I think the trick is to recognize that this is all part of life, things happen and as adults we we are, we remain calm and united to protect our families. n young people...a prayer to all the parents who are dealing with different moments...may God bless you all and that in the end we will all be victorious and above all that we can laugh advice as a father of 2 children only if you are unsure about taking a child 2 to the doctor's office or ER just go, 2 b better safe than sorry, more early detection n prevention r always the best help fe...everything is replaceable except their little wonders... we live on them and they will outlive us...

by: faiza

Today my 2 year old little brother was running and he jumped on my bed and he fell and a little bit of his sound got cut out but luckily it was a little cut. So if this happened to your little brother, go find him.

Hitting your head and falling out of bed
from: jess

My little girl is almost 7 months old and last week she was sitting on the floor trying to lift something and she hit her head on the floor... A bruise... She had it twice in the same day.

If you couldn't see the bruise the first time, you may be able to see it later. He fell out of my bed an hour ago. I know that he can crawl, sit up, and even hold things. But she was fast asleep in my lap on the couch and she had to pee A LOT, A LOT, so I put her down for about 20 seconds no matter how long it took for her doorbell to ring.

Then I heard the loudest banging on my hardwood floor and almost shit myself. Not only did it fall 3 1/2 feet, it hit the wooden bed frame on the way down. She was crying and dazed. I made sure that she could move her arms and legs, her toes and her neck before picking her up, so I did, it wasn't long before she stopped crying.

Put some ice on it and see her pediatrician to make sure she can take her toys and stand up, sit down, throw…she was fine.

It has a huge bump with a scratch on it and now it's bouncing off the doorjamb. She was always curious about what she was out there and she was always trying to look…well, it's a depth perception violation.

Much lower than you think!

My baby throws up a few hours after falling!
by: Anna's mother

Hello moms,
Anna is my first baby, she just turned 5 months old, a few days ago she fell from her chair onto the carpet and hit her head. She started to cry but when I hugged her she stopped. I called her doctor and she told me to watch her for 24 hours for vomiting, paleness or loss of consciousness. Within a few hours she ate the bottle and vomited a bit, I thought she was normal, but now after 3 days she still vomits a bit even after 2 hours without eating. The doctor said that she is fine, but she worries me a lot, should she get a second opinion? That is normal?

My baby also fell off the bed. Saddddd…..
by: anonymous

I thought this would never happen to my 6 month old because I am a loving mother. However, it happened yesterday. Despite putting pillows and pillows around the bed, she managed to crawl through the duvet and fell out of bed. I was falling asleep at this point! When it happened, I thought and wished it was just a bad dream because I couldn't see her in her bed. As her crying continued, I realized that it was really her and that she really had fallen off the bed.
She looked good. She plays and drinks and you haven't thrown up yet. However, her eyes are black and blue. I feel really bad
Will won't watch her. Pray for her guardian angel to watch over her, protect her and take care of her...

My one month one week old
by: Cassandra

My 5 week old seems to like to slap parts of my body. He was nursing her and she started to slide off the pillow and I quickly put my hand under her head to grab her and she slapped the back of her hand. Ten minutes later I finished feeding her and she raised her head and put it back on my arm. Do I have to worry about something? I mean, she usually does something like this, when I or someone is holding her, she likes to bang her head against the person's chest. I do not know why. Should I be worried? She doesn't cry and acts like she's normal.

My 5 month old fell out of bed 3 days ago.
by: anonymous

It was Friday morning after I got up three times to feed him. The second time I got up to feed him, it seemed like someone tried to look me in the eye or say that I saw my baby fall out of bed, but I just didn't care and went back to sleep normally. And around 9-10 it's time for him to get up and turn around, play... talk to himself every morning. She picks him up, she no longer cries or acts normal and I smile, but now I still feel guilty and worried, even my husband tries to tell me that she is fine. I believe that all babies always have a good spirit that protected them, that is true for me, but I am thankful that my baby is well and I wish her a bright future and that she grows up as a good person for the family. I am really letting go after reading all these comments. I feel so much better now. Thank you so much!!

Por: Dupsyla

My 8 month old fell out of bed. She slept in my bed. I quickly went to get some water to drink. On the way back I heard a loud scream. As I ran and opened the door, I found my angel crying on the floor. I felt really bad and started crying because she cried for like 2 minutes.

Never leave your baby alone. Put them in the crib when you need to be out of sight, even for a second.

by: anonymous


You have to know!!
by: anonymous

For those of you who brought your babies in for checkups, had head or eye X-rays taken... Are X-rays safe? Are they harmful in any way to the brain or eyes of babies?
Please reply.

Thanks for the advice
by: anonymous

My baby also fell into bed after crying loudly, when I examined her I did not find anything on her body on the outside, even the previous symptoms did not appear, thanks to Jesus her pastor who was fine
woke up for him

15 month stay
from: grandfather

Wow! At dinner, our granddaughter sat in the chair at the kitchen table.
Suddenly he turns around.

Tries to grab sister sitting next to her, baby loses control, falls, hits head, "KA PLoNK", hard thump, baby cries.

We applied ice to the back of his head for about a minute. Worried, we took her to the emergency room.


Question: What part of a child's head is most prone to injury?

A doctor once told me that a child's head is like this
solid rock that protects the brain. If it's blunt force, yes, damage, but if it's your own weight, it's not expected, but it can happen!

¡¡¡Oh my God!!!
by: anonymous

My 9 month old sleeps in his bed. A few minutes later I heard a BANG! And I ran to her room and I saw her lying on the floor crying loudly, my heart stopped when I saw her, my hands were shaking. I don't know what to do. This is the first time this has happened. She has been crying for about 5 minutes after she was back to normal. Thank God he has no symptoms of vomiting, unconsciousness, etc.

to anonymous on January 16
by: anonymous

Regarding your comment: We are not bad mothers, we move a fraction of a second, they fall. Don't try to pretend you're perfect. We are concerned parents trying to make things right here. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my 4 month old baby
by: anonymous

My husband and I vacuumed our house when I put my baby in his swing. I turned to move the sofa when I heard my baby cry, I turned to him and saw him lying on his back on the hard floor. I ran to pick him up and he stopped crying. He started to smile and babble to be himself. She was devastated and couldn't stop crying. My husband took care of our baby while he tried to calm me down. I feel like a terrible mother! I called the nurse and he told me to check him for vomiting and pupils and for her to see if she had a hard time waking up when I was trying to wake him up. I have a footer app. I pray to GOD that my baby is well.

Hard linoleum with a height of 4 feet

My son fell out of bed 4 feet onto the linoleum for the second time, his mother nursed him and he fell asleep. Then I woke up with such a terribly loud bang. He fell for the first time when he was 5 1/2 months and the lump on the right side of his head is still not completely gone, he fell in the same place, I took him for the CT scan for the first time and it was good. Now she walks him with his mother for another CT scan. Both times he did not pass out and only cried for 2 minutes. It is always better to take them with you so they can see you.

god saved her
by: Elvira

My priceless angel just fell out of bed tonight, she slept even though she had pillows around her. I still can't explain how I found her crying on the floor in a crawling position. She thank God she looks good and she smiled and played with me and her dad, I feel like a failure. She wasn't there to make sure she didn't fall off it, but Almighty God saved her and I pray for God's protection for her.

by: anonymous

I have a 10.5 month old son, he fell, grabbed onto one of the kitchen chairs and hit his head on the kitchen floor. I am very worried about him. I kept checking that his eyes seemed to get bigger, there was no blood coming out of his ears, please help me, I'm very worried about him.

It's all about this baby problem.
by: anonymous

I would like to know about my baby's problem of falling out of bed. She is almost 9 months old and she fell. I can't hear the baby because I'm deaf. She cried for a few seconds, then she was fine. She crashed again like the third time for more days, will she be ok? I'm a little scared.

6-month-old baby falls for the ninth time
by: anonymous

After reading all your posts I was relieved, my daughter fell out of bed yesterday and starts throwing up every time I feed her. She also had a fever, this is her ninth time falling out of bed since she was 1 month old. I'll have it checked tomorrow to make sure how she's doing. I'm just worried right now...

9. Mal
by: anonymous

Once is a mistake that should never happen, 9 times? Actually? You must be kidding

In the second before my post.
by: anonymous

Take your baby to the doctor as vomiting is not a good sign. I pray that your baby is well, amen.

I still can't get over it
by: anonymous

I find so much peace reading these other stories. I'm embarrassed to share this...but my 7.5 month old fell twice in 2 months...I fell off something last night and was about to get up and he crawled like light speed and fell off my bed. ...I screamed you know what I was crying for about 5 seconds and I'm still controlling it but no bruises...I've been crying all day today and I just don't know what to do...he's fine, he's been behaving normally and He hasn't gone crazy... I just can't handle it...

mom was very worried
by: anonymous

Today my 9 month old fell off the couch. I let him drink the bottle while he washed my hands. Then I heard a knock. After reading all these comments I feel a little calmer. Thank you.

Bad mom!🙁
by: anonymous

In my sleep I hear a loud bang and cry! My 5 month old is laying on the floor crying 🙁 It just happened 🙁 I was up and playing with him for 30 minutes, it's 3:14 am. m. and he was asleep for 20 minutes... I'm just laying here and looking at him and making sure he's okay :/ I'm so tired and worried…. But I'll stay up for a few more hours until the husband wakes up so I can take care of him...

Mom has :,(

Don't underestimate the fact that you are small or stuck up!
by: anonymous

My girl fell three times, the first time was ridiculous because I was standing next to her, she seemed to be going nowhere, her back was to me and I was next to her fixing her bow, her butt was close to the edge, but nowhere did i think it might fall off my mattress cover is huge for our bed and i think when she kicked it i slipped it fell off faster than i could catch it i totally lost it i couldn't believe it fell with me right next to her. I took her straight to the ER. Luckily she was fine.

The second time at five months was when we moved to my MIL, we have a small room. It's hard to keep her in her crib because she wants to see what's going on, so I put her on her back anyway. On my bed next to me and I pulled back for a minute to plug in my phone, she is literally steps away from where I can still see her. I looked away for a second and she rolled. I panicked. I was so mad at myself and I took her home. . Die E.R AGAIN she was fine this time I hate to even say it this time!
I put her on her butt in bed, now she's sitting 20 feet away, her dresser is three steps from the bed.

I went to get her dress for the day and all she had to do was try to follow me out of bed, okay. she said she looks amazing but I don't forgive myself for underestimating her, it's sadder because she hasn't left my side since she was born, they were also EBF and very close and I feel terrible because I'm all she knows. She is very strong and she is ready to explore.

I swore to keep her completely out of bed unless I'm sitting with her, unless they've put her in her crib now that I'm a few steps away, PERIOD!

PLEASE parents don't underestimate these little ones, they are adapting and learning so fast and so should we! Always put them to bed, they will get over it and it is better to be safe than sorry. I hate that it took me 3 times to learn it and I'm so blessed that she's okay.

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