9 tips for a better driving distance in disc golf (2023)

Every disc golfer, from beginner to advanced, wants to be able to shoot further from the teeing area. No matter what skill you're in, there are few things that look better than sweeping a wide rim driver across the fairway and flying out of yourself.truck driverat its maximum distance. Low distance players want to get maximum distance from their drives. Those who already have big arms might be looking for more consistency and precision with their high-speed driver.

Here are some tips to help you get more disc golf distance, maximum distance, arm speed, driving distance and accuracy:

1. Improve your footwork

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You'll hear professional golfers and commentators talk about it a lot."Step X"at its beginning. How and where you place your feet on the tee with each step forward affects your distance ability. As with many sports such as baseball or golf, the real power on a golf course comes from the legs and hips. We recommend watching some videos of intermediate and experienced players to get a closer look at their footwork. A proper X-Step allows you to twist and release your hips to create maximum distance.

2. Pay attention to upper body coordination

As your lower body loadsGenerate electricity,Your upper body also has to do its part. Your shoulders, arms and chest, and even your head, need to be in the right places during the throwing motion. Good hip rotation gives the throwing arm a natural reach back, and then it can break away when you open your hips. When all parts of your body work together, you gain strength, accuracy, and consistency.

3. Find your Power Pocket and Whip

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You may also hear the term used by professional golfers."bag of power".It refers to the angles of your arm before releasing the puck. Imagine three sides of a perfect rectangle formed between your chest, upper arm and forearm. As the elbow reaches the end of the shot, this energy pocket shape allows the forearm and hand to create a snap when you release the puck. Innova co-founder Dave Dunipace refers to this energy as the"Tip of the Whip."A leather whip focuses all of its power and energy at the extreme tip with the distinctive crack, but it takes the correct shape and movement along the length of the whip to achieve such a dramatic result. In disc golf, this whiplash effect creates more acceleration at the trigger point.

4. Avoid curves

One of the most common problems for advanced and experienced players is rounding. This is when the throwing arm goes out and around the body in more circular motions, rather than back and forth in the long shot of disc golf. Rounding may not take much distance or arm speed from a beginner who lacks good footwork and form, but it will create many inconsistencies with your trigger point. If you regularly suffer from premature releases and/or grappling locks in your units, you're probably rounding your arm. Imagine how much easier it is to be consistent on long distance driver shots when your arm goes back and straight instead of out and around. If you really want to gain more distance and improve your disc golf game, go for it.get rid of round shots.

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5. Work at your own pace

From the legs to the arms to the torso, there are several important moving parts during a disc of golf. Professional players will tell youtimed coordinationit is just as important to increase the average driving distance. If everything is not perfectly timed during the launch, you will lose power and minimize your distance potential. Ideally, the achieved upper back should coincide with the point where the hips rotate the most. Then, open your hips first (before you start pulling your arm) to generate more power and whip.

9 tips for a better driving distance in disc golf (1)6. Remember to follow through to the end

If you avoid turns, your arm will go over your body during the round of golf. Now you want to work on your follow up. Ideally, your arm should go through and point directly at your target after you release the golf puck. Remember that the objective does not necessarily mean thatto drivewayDepending on your fire selection (direct vs. hyzer vs. anhyzer), you can aim further left or right. Good resistance also helps prevent injuries to your knees, hips, lower back and shoulders by taking the stress out of these important joints as you throw the maximum distance.

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7. Don't be afraid to close

if you followed thisblog yes DGUYou'll find that we keep coming back to puck options (weight range, super stable discs, wide rim, wobbly discs, high speed drivers, mid range discs, slower discs, etc.) and flight ratings as it is so important. All of the above tips focus on form, but the discs you use to throw will also affect your strength potential. A beginner or intermediate golfer with slower arm speed may find that they get better distance with less stable drivers.street driveromiddle classagainst overly stable distance runners playing the pros. Just because we call them "distance riders" doesn't mean they offer the greatest distance for everyone. These arehigh speed discsthat require higher arm speeds to reach their full potentialflight characteristics. We recommend choosing your general form and technique.Mid-range discs and putters. Work your way up to the fairway drivers and eventually totruck driver.

8. Let the unit do the work

lighter discsand more wobbly discs with high slip values ​​also help you reach a greater maximum distance with less effort. Instead of trying to spin a max weight racer like the Innovastar destroyerTo go the maximum distance, work in a smooth release with aSeeschwalbe, which is the same speed as a Destroyer distance pilot (speed index 12), but with significantly less stability. How can you turn off on a diskValkyrieoleopardo3. The slower speeds and lack of stability will likely make casting from a distance much easier. Let the unit do the work for you. These will turn more naturally and glide with less effort. If you don't have the performance that the pros have, then you might not want to use the super stable drives that the pros use, at least not at first.

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9 tips for a better driving distance in disc golf (2)9. Remember that accuracy is often more important than distance

Even the best players like itgarrett gurthieor will James Conrad lean on hisinnovative ghostsLong distance driver for many trips. As an 11-speed driver, a Wraith is still pretty fast, but it offers a neutral trajectory and is much more controllable for almost any player than a faster drive like a shredder.Corvette, another high-speed long-distance runner. Calvin Heimburg uses his confidenceadler championfor many of your trips, and that's just a 7-speed street driver. The lesson here is that throwing him as far as possible isn't always the best option. Drive for a fairway driver, mid-range drive or even a putter, improve your accuracy and dial in your form.

Obviously, there are so many different removal tips out there. You can watch hundreds of YouTube videos. Most will teach many of the same techniques and some may teach you something new. Finally, you need to develop a form that is comfortable and repeatable for you. You can never shoot like Double G. Not many people in the world can. You play your game and work to be the best player you can be. Distance usually comes with time and practice.


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